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The US has a backup plan to kill the Iran nuclear deal. It could spark a crisis at the UN
Sunday, February 23, 2020

Julia Masterson and Samuel M. Hickey
Early in January, the European members of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran made a risky move by triggering the deal’s dispute resolution mechanism. Though it was a desperate attempt to save the agreement, it could, if not managed carefully, result in the reimposition of United Nations Security Council sanctions on Iran—effectively collapsing any remnants of the deal.

Living standards in Iran 60 percent higher than pre-Revolution era, says economist
Monday, February 17, 2020

Mohammad Homaeefar
Living standards in Iran are now about 60 percent higher than in the 1970s, says a professor of economics at Virginia Tech.


Trump’s Brink of War with Iran Spun on a Lie
Saturday, February 15, 2020

Finian Cunningham
February 12, 2020 "Information Clearing House" - Iraqi military intelligence has found that almost certainly the rocket attack on a U.S. base in December which killed an American contractor was carried out by the Islamic State terror group – not an Iranian-backed Shia militia, contrary to what Washington has been claiming.


Prof: Iran does not consider Saudi Arabia as enemy
Monday, February 10, 2020

Salman Parviz
"For Iran the U.S. and Israel are enemies.  Saudi Arabia is a neighbor and Iran has been trying to improve relations with Saudis, especially since President Rouhani came to power." said Dr. Foad Izadi.

“Yalda” to be screened in France, Germany
Tuesday, February 11, 2020

“Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness” directed by Massoud Bakhshi is due to be screened in Germany since April, 2020. Iranian short film "Stop" directed by Mahmood Reza Mafi has been chosen as an official selection of the US BeBop Channel Content Festival. The 12th Tehran International Sport Film Festival, has named features in the competition section. The Iranian short film ‘Goodbye Olympic’ directed by Mojtaba Pourbakhsh will take part in a film event in Lisbon, Portugal. Concurrent with the third Iran Job Exhibition, the country will be hosting the first edition of Iran International Job Photo & Film Festival (Jobax) in April. The third edition of Sweden-based Afghan writer Mohammad-Hossein Mohammadi’s children’s book “The Sun’s Daughter and the Black Devil” has recently been released. Turkey’s metropolitan city Izmir is currently hosting a special Iranian film event by screening nine short films in a month-long program.

The Islamic Republic of Iran at 41
Thursday, February 13, 2020

Yuram Abdullah Weiler
It is no minor accomplishment for the Islamic Republic of Iran to have maintained an independent geopolitical course for a period of forty one years in spite of the overwhelming diplomatic, economic and military pressure employed by the United States to force Tehran to cave in to the diktats of the Washington regime.