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Monday, February 28, 2011

Iran Review:

  • Is the leading independent, non-governmental and non-partisan website – organization representing scientific and professional approaches towards Iran’s political, economic, social, religious, and cultural affairs, its foreign policy, and regional and international issues within the framework of analysis and articles.
  • Offers stimulating, critical, and transparent viewpoints on world’s contemporary system and politics of world’s powers.
  • Promotes dialogue and debate and offers a spectrum of ideas from scholars with expert knowledge.

Editorial Team:

  • Mahmoudreza Golshanpazhooh (Ph.D. in International Relations): Editor in Chief
  • Abbas Kardan (M.A. in International Relations): Deputy Editor (Honorary)
  • Sohrab Soori (M.D.): Translator

Senior Consultants:

  • Seyed Mohammad Kazem Sajjadpour (Ph.D.): Associate Professor of International Relations and the Chairman of the Department of Diplomacy and International Organizations of School of International Relations, Head of the Center for International Research and Education and President of Institute for Political & International Studies (IPIS). Tehran
  • Seyed Jalal Dehghani Firoozabadi (Ph.D.): Full Professor of Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran
  • Abbas Maleki (Ph.D.): Associate Professor of Energy Policy in Department of Energy Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister from 1988 to 1997. Tehran
  • Bahram Ghasemi: I.R.Iran’s Former Ambassador to Ireland, Spain and Italy. Spokesperson and Head of Public and Media Diplomacy Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the I.R.Iran.
  • Bagher Asadi: Retired career diplomat, former ECOSOC Ambassador to the UN.

* Advisory views obtained from the Senior Consultants are merely based on their personal and academical capacities. The editorial team of IranReview are the sole parties responsible for all material appearing on this website and nobody else, including the aforesaid people, can be held responsible in this regard."

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