IRI Leader's Viewpoints (No. 13): If the U.S. Tears up the JCPOA, We Will Set it on Fire

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The following is the excerpts of the speeches delivered from May to June 2016 by Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, regarding Iran’s most important foreign policy issues and internal affairs:

1- Meeting with the Government Officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the Occasion of the Month of Ramadan.
"If the U.S. Tears up the JCPOA, We Will Set it on Fire"
Jun 14, 2016

Let us attend to the issue of the Bar-Jaam [JCPOA]. The Bar-Jaam has both opponents and proponents. In my opinion, both opponents and proponents exaggerate when they express their viewpoints. Both the proponents who speak positively of the Bar-Jaam and the opponents who criticize it speak in an exaggerated and inflated manner. In my opinion, there is no room for either of such statements.

The Bar-Jaam has certain pros and cons. It has certain advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are the things that encouraged us to conduct these negotiations. Of course, as you know, these negotiations had begun before the formation of the 11th administration and it was because of these advantages that we conducted the negotiations. Certain positive things had occurred to our mind all of which were not achieved, of course. In fact, many of them were not achieved, but there were certain advantages in any case and we felt that these advantages might be fulfilled. And it was then that the negotiations began. After that, during the time of Dr. Rouhani’s administration, these negotiations were naturally expanded and accelerated. These are the advantages.

What are the disadvantages? The disadvantages are the things that we have always been afraid of and the things that we kept speaking about all the time. We were saying in a continuous manner that they are people who do not keep their promises, that they have an evil nature, that they are deceitful individuals and that they do not honor their promises. These are the disadvantages. There are certain flaws and rifts in the Bar-Jaam through which these disadvantages can show themselves. If these flaws and rifts had been eliminated, the disadvantages would naturally have decreased or disappeared completely.

What I want to say about the Bar-Jaam is not at all addressed to our dear brothers who participated in the negotiations. They did their job and they did their best. They really worked in a diligent manner. Well, we were witness to this and we used to see it. They went and they stayed there for a long time. I think it was in the month of Ramadan of last year. They stayed there in part of the month of Ramadan. This was difficult. It was really difficult and they really worked hard. So, I am not blaming them. I hope that Allah the Exalted is satisfied with their work, God willing. I too prayed for them and I continue to do so. I am addressing the other side – the people whom we faced in those negotiations.
As for the Bar-Jaam itself, as I said, the document itself has certain flaws and rifts. There are some ambiguous parts in it which have helped the enemy to take advantage. These flaws and rifts have enabled the other side to take advantage. Of course, we will not violate the Bar-Jaam first. Everyone should know this! We will not violate the Bar-Jaam if the other side does not do it. Of course, the individuals who have run for the U.S. presidency are constantly threatening that they will tear it up. Well, if they tear it up, we will set it on fire!

The reason why we will not violate it is based on the Holy Quran’s edict: “Fulfill your promise” [The Holy Quran, 17: 34]. After all, this is an agreement that we have signed. We do not wish to violate it. However, if they violate it, we will violate it as well. This is also based on the Holy Quran’s edict: “If you fear treachery from any group, throw back their covenant to them, so as to be on equal terms” [The Holy Quran, 8: 58]. If the other side breaks its promise, you should break it as well. “Fa anba’iz” means throw it back to them. It means that you should break it as well. So, we are following Quranic principles on both aspects of the matter.

The other side’s duty was to lift sanctions, but it has not lifted them yet. Sanctions have not been lifted yet. Some of the sanctions have been lifted somehow, but they have not actually been lifted in practice. The main point of contention was secondary sanctions. They preserved primary sanctions with complete strictness and strength and this is influencing secondary sanctions. I urgently request that those who are in charge of these affairs pay close attention. They should not constantly say that sanctions have been lifted because this is not the case.

The issue of banking transactions has not been resolved yet and big banks in the world do not deal with us. The Americans say, “What does it have to do with us?” This is a mischievous comment. How can you say that it has nothing to do with you? It is their job. Dr. Zarif – I do not know if he is present in the meeting or not – said to the U.S. Secretary of State that the issue of banks – big banks – has not been resolved yet and he said in response that it is not related to them. Then, Dr. Zarif immediately answered, “Yes, it is related to you. If you want, you can do it. It is you who are blocking it. It is the United States Department of the Treasury that is blocking it.”

When they hold a meeting with banks, they say to them that it is alright for them to do business with Iran and that this is alright with the American side, but in practice and through other statements, they speak in a way that they do not dare do so. For banks, what is better than entering into business with an eighty-million market like Iran’s market? Banks are not unwilling to do business with Iran. However, there is a prohibition which is American threats. A U.S. government official said two, three days ago that they will not leave Iran alone and that they will not allow it to feel relaxed. When they speak like this, when a high-ranking member of the U.S. government speaks like this, will such and such a bank dare come and do business with Iran?

Of course, a number of small banks are prepared to do so, but for transactions – for contracts and for real agreements and investments – big banks should enter the arena. But they have not entered the arena and it is not clear when they will do so. This is a grave problem. It is the American side that has committed this great sin and this great wrongdoing. So, we should not justify what the Americans are doing! Of course, they issue directives, but directives are different from what is happening in reality.

The same is true of oil tankers insurance. Oil tankers insurance is an important issue in oil transactions. They have agreed to insure our oil tankers to a limited extent, but they are not willing to enter the arena for big insurance structures - that is to say, the sum of these oil transactions which sometimes reaches billions. They have not agreed to insure these sums of money. The reason is that they themselves are present in those organizations and structures and this is why they do not allow it to happen. So, the Americans have not honored a great part of their commitments.

We have paid our down payments in a constant manner. We have closed down 20-percent enrichment, we have almost closed down Fordo and we have closed down Arak nuclear plant. These have been our down payments, but they have more expectations. I want to say that if Dr. Salehi is present here, you should not at all accept and give in to the expectations that they have in the area of carbon fibers, which are used in centrifuges, or the expectations that they have about measuring those 300 kilos. They constantly increase their expectations despite all the down payments that we have made! In any case, the opposite side has not fulfilled its promises.

Today, if we want to have access to our oil revenues, it is a very difficult task. It is both difficult and costly. The money that we have in other countries is not given back to us. This has not been done. Some of them have made some promises of course. Based on what Mr. President has said to me, one of these countries has made certain promises, but it is not only one country, rather there are several countries involved. We have some money in their banks. However, they cannot give it back to us because it is in the form of dollars and the issue of dollars is related to America. Things have been locked up. Well, this is American enmity. If not, what is enmity? They have not fulfilled their promises.

So, what I want to say is that the nuclear industry is a strategic industry for our country.  This industry should prevail. It should be developed and it should not be damaged. The existence of this industry is even efficient in immunizing and protecting the country. The operational capabilities of the nuclear industry and the nuclear organization should prevail. Its manpower should be preserved. The capability to restore the prior conditions should be preserved as well. In the present time, this capability fortunately exists. I will tell you that in less than six months, they can help the country develop 18,000 SWUs with the same IR-1s, which are the old machines we used to use. Just right now, this possibility exists in less than six months.

This means that the other side should not think that our hands are tied. We can develop 100,000 SWUs in less than a year and a half with the pieces of IR-4s - which are advanced second and third generations – and with other equipment that are available to us. These are the possibilities that exist today in the Atomic Energy Organization. They should employ these possibilities to stop the other side. However, no rash measure should be adopted. They should do their best in the face of American violations.

Fortunately, our honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs and our honorable President said in this meeting, in the Majlis and in other places that they are pursuing these matters. They should pursue them seriously. Notice that as is commonly said, “rights are not given, they are taken”. You should take it on your own. And notice that you are going to take it from a wolf like America. You should pull it out from his mouth. It is not the case that he comes and gives it to you with open arms. As long as they have not violated it, we will not violate it either, but we should preserve our capabilities in the face of their mistakes and their violations.

I should add that it was because of our scientific and technological power that we managed to snatch what could be snatched away from the Americans on this matter. If it had not been for our capability to achieve 20-percent enrichment and to build advanced centrifuges, we would definitely have failed to force them into accepting these several thousand centrifuges so much so that they would not criticize it anymore. It was because of our power that we managed to do so. If this power is gone, the other side’s pressures will increase. And the more this power increases, the more our power to pressure the other side will increase. So, we should preserve this power.

We have also appointed a supervisory board. I expect the supervisory board to pay more attention and to show more vigilance. Whenever they really feel that the other side is acting in a treacherous manner and breaking its promises, they should carry out their duty of defending national interests.

2- The Annual Ramadan Quranic Meeting
"Today, The World Needs the Holy Quran"
June 7, 2016

And my dear ones, you should know that today, the world needs the Holy Quran whether it accepts and acknowledges it or not. Today, the world suffers from a void of identity, ideology and faith. A faithless individual is like an empty fruit. This is the reason why you see that the rate of murder and crime is increasing in western countries on a daily basis. This is one of the reasons. When you see that the rate of suicide is increasing, this is one of the reasons.

Humanity no longer has any food to satiate the minds, hearts and souls of individuals. Of course, they fabricate certain things, but this is not accepted by the hearts of peoples. However, the Holy Quran can do so. If only one drop of the Holy Quran – not the entire Holy Quran, only one drop of it – is sent to people with a proper language, then hearts will be attracted to it. We ourselves are experiencing and witnessing this today. Today, humanity needs the Holy Quran.

The Holy Quran can do whatever it wants in today’s world. It can work and move forward. And powers, superpowers, atomic bombs, the Zionist regime and the like cannot do a damn thing. The important point is that we should strengthen our bases of faith and the Holy Quran on a daily basis, that we learn the language to share the Holy Quran with others and that we convey Quranic teachings. This works like a strong medicine. When you pour one drop of it in a glass and give it to a person, he takes it and it works. However, if you pour five drops instead of one, it might fail to work and he might not be able to digest it. So, the proper language should be found. However, we should satiate ourselves and our hearts and souls and we should fill ourselves with Quranic teachings first. We ourselves need this very much.

The blessings of the Holy Quran are not confined to the things that I expressed with my incomplete explanations. The blessings of the Holy Quran are endless blessings. There is dignity, power, progress, material welfare, spiritual transcendence, development of one’s mind and one’s belief, joy and tranquility of one’s soul in and with the Holy Quran. There is tranquility and peace of mind in the Holy Quran: “Allah sent down His tranquility to His Messenger and to the believers, and made them stick close to the command of self-restraint, and well were they entitled to it and worthy of it” [The Holy Quran, 48: 26]. When that religious tranquility and religious peace appears, piety increases: “It is He Who sent down tranquility into the hearts of the Believers, that they may add faith to their faith.” This tranquility and peace of mind increases our faith on a daily basis.

3- Meeting with the Speaker and Members of the Majlis on the Occasion of the Inauguration of the Tenth Islamic Consultative Majlis.
"U.S. Administration Behaves towards Us in a Completely Hostile Manner"
June 5, 2016

As for the issue of the economy, you dear brothers and dear sisters should notice that the issue of the economy is the main issue in our country. It is not just an important issue in the present time. It is five, six years now that I have been stressing the issue of the economy. Five, six years ago, I said in the new year speech – during Norouz holidays – that we are being threatened from two areas. One of these two areas – which is perhaps more important – is the area of the economy. This is the truth of the matter. At that time, sanctions did not exist and they had not been imposed yet. The enemy has used the economy as a weapon against us. Perhaps, we too adopted a naïve outlook by showing that we are very afraid of and concerned about this weapon.

This is why the enemy has become bolder. And he has found his way. In any case, the issue of the economy is a very important issue. We should resolve the issue of the economy of the country.  Of course, implementation is the administration’s duty. It is the administration that should work in the middle of the arena, but you can help very much in this regard. Emphasis should be placed on economic recession and on the issue of domestic production. Domestic production is very important.

A few days ago, I said in a speech that it should be clear to us where in the economy of resistance every move that the administration makes is situated [Supreme Leader’s speech delivered on June 3, 2016, on Imam Khomeini’s (r.a.) 27th demise anniversary]. The economy of resistance is a table that is formed of numerous squares. It should be clear which square is filled by the the moves that we make.

Once, the administration wanted to carry out a transaction. A call was made from my office asking the official in charge which square of the economy of resistance that transaction fills. They should explain where in the economy of resistance such moves are situated. These moves should not be against the economy of resistance. Not only should they not be against it, but they should also not be neutral. Therefore, the issue of domestic production is very important. Finding a cure for economic recession is very important.

The issue of employment, which is related to the issue of domestic production and other such issues, is very important as well. We – including executive officials, the members of the Majlis and non-governmental economists working in newspapers – keep saying that such and such a percentage of factories are closed or that they work less than half their capacities, for example. So, what is going to happen? They should finally begin working!

If they work, job opportunities will be created. The Islamic Republic’s embarrassment about a youth’s unemployment is more than the embarrassment that those youth themselves feel at home! You should know this! I myself become embarrassed when I think of these youth! In some provincial cities, the rate of unemployment is very high.

We say that the rate or – as is commonly said – the percentage of unemployment is such and such a figure. It is said that it is 10, 12 percent, but this is the average. When one sees this, one feels embarrassed. The embarrassment that this humble person feels when he sees these statistics and these realities is more – not less than – the embarrassment that the youth who goes home empty-handed and without having a job, feels! We should eliminate this.

The issue of smuggling that was pointed out by the friends in the meeting – I have pointed it out several times as well – is very serious. As a matter of fact, smuggling is a dagger that is stabbed into back of the Islamic Republic. Because of their own personal interests, some people trample upon the interests of the country with smuggling. This should be combated and confronted. Of course, it is evident that this confrontation is not easy because those who earn billions out of smuggling will not give up so easily. This should be confronted. Of course, it is the administration that should confront this, but it is the Majlis that provides a source of support for this governmental confrontation. It is you who should demand, decide and plan. These points were about the issues related to the economy.

The next matter is about culture. Of course, in the long term, culture is much more important than the economy. The economy is our urgent matter and our current priority, but the issue of culture is a continuous and very important issue. It is even important as it relates to the issue of the economy.

Dear brothers, dear sisters, I have a feeling that there is an indifference towards the issue of culture! In cultural organizations – including governmental and non-governmental organizations - there is a kind of indolence and indifference on the issue of culture. We show negligence in both producing valuable cultural products and in preventing the production of harmful cultural products. Cultural products are not less important than the other products that we consume, rather they are more important. Imagine that they constantly say that such and such “pofak” [cheese puffs] are harmful and that we should not eat them. But how harmful are they? What kind of harm do they inflict? What percentage of harm do they cause? For which people are they harmful? They constantly speak about this, but no one dares speak about the harm that such and such a movie, book or computer game inflicts because they are afraid that they might be accused of “stopping the free flow of information”!

Those who have begun these accusations are stricter than us on these matters, believe it!  The most liberal areas in the world in terms of information are, let us say, western governments including America. However, the information we receive about America- which is completely reliable- really makes one wonder about how they control an individuals’ personal information and records. It makes one wonder how they focus on the things that their systems is sensitive about. We do not even have and want to have one tenth of their information monitoring!

However, as soon as a movie is banned here or as soon as an internet network and website is restricted or closed, they suddenly kick up a fuss and we ourselves believe them. We too believe that we have really done a wrong thing! This is not the case. There should be supervision. Our responsibility is to produce valuable cultural products and to prevent harmful ones. I feel that there is some indifference in this regard. You should pay attention and attach significance to this matter.

When it comes to confronting hostile and opposing orientations that work against the Revolution in political areas, we should adopt a position.

For example, the U.S. Congress complains to the U.S. administration that it behaves softly towards the Islamic Republic! Of course, the U.S. administration behaves towards us in a completely hostile manner. When I say this, this is not out of prejudice and this is not mere speculation, rather I am saying this based on clear and reliable information. The U.S. administration behaves towards the Islamic Republic in an extremely hostile manner. However, the U.S. Congress constantly issues resolutions, speaks against us and does other such things. Well, who should respond to them? Who should enter the arena to confront them? Who should shut their mouths?

The enemy counts on responses and reactions in the political arena. If he says something and you remain silent, he makes a certain calculation. If you remain silent and lower your head, he makes another calculation. If you remain silent, lower your head and murmur something to yourself, he makes yet another calculation. However, if you hold your head up and answer back, he will make a completely different calculation! If the enemy feels that you are inactive and that you are men who easily surrender, he will not compromise. In the world of politics, there is no such thing as compromise! They step forward and ask for more on various matters.

The issue of the nuclear negotiations was the last example of this behavior. You can see that they constantly make demands, ask for more and issue threats. They are repeating the same statements that they used to make at that time about our nuclear movement, 20-percent enrichment and the like. They were saying that the option of war is on the table and other such statements which were made in a continuous manner. All of them - including their government officials, their members of congress and their candidates for presidency – are repeating such statements. Even these two, three candidates who have been left on the scene keep saying that if they win, they will do this and do that!

All of us have certain opponents, protesters and critics. This is no problem at all. The only problem occurs when this opposition leads to wrestling with one another. You should take care not to let this happen in the Majlis. If tension builds up in the Majlis – as we have witnessed in some terms that tension grew in the Majlis – it will overflow onto the people. This brings about tension among the people, although this tension might be a mental one. Likewise, if there is tranquility, this tranquility will overflow onto the people and this tranquility is very important: “It is He Who sent down tranquility into the hearts of the believers, that they may add faith to their faith” [The Holy Quran, 48: 4].

This is the characteristic of “sakinah”. “Sakinah” means tranquility – mental tranquility – and not being stormy. Tranquility causes individuals “to add faith to their faith.” It gives us the opportunity to increase our faith. This is a very important and fundamental thing. Well, the enemy is trying to make accusations against Islamic Iran at the level of public opinion in the world. At a domestic level, he is trying to activate fault lines. At a regional level – in this West Asia region – the enemy is trying to pursue his sensitive and important plans in this sensitive region. He is trying to foil the obstacle which is Islamic Iran – Islamic Iran is preventing him from attaining his goals. This is what the enemy is trying to do.

They have plans for Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. And their plans are specific. One day, they gave themselves away by speaking about “The New Middle East” and “The Greater Middle East”. The lady who was head of their foreign policy in those years said this. They made a mistake, but they said this any way.

They have a plan for this region – for the region that they refer to as “The Middle East”. This is a wrong term which originates from the arrogant philosophy, ideology and mentality of the west. This means that whichever region that is close to the west and to Europe is called “The Near East”. Whichever region that is far from them is referred to as “The Far East” and whichever region that stands in the middle is referred to as “The Middle East”. This is the European standard. For them, Asia – which is such a vast region – is not a standard. Now, they have called this vast region “The Greater Middle East” and “The New Middle East”.

The reason why they have a plan for this region is that it is a very sensitive region. It is a sensitive region because of different reasons: because of the existence of Muslims and Islam, because of the existence of the Zionist regime, because of the existence of great sources of oil, and because of the existence of important waterways. The Strait of Hormuz is in this region. The Babul Mandab straits and several other important straits exist in this region. These straits are very important in the world. They are very important in terms of political geography and strategy. This is why they are sensitive about it and this is why they have plans and plots for it. And they want to pursue their plans easily and without any obstacles on their way.

Now, the Islamic Republic has entered the arena and wants to prevent their plans. They wanted to swallow Iraq, but the Islamic Republic did not let them do so! They are unhappy about this because their plan was spoiled. They wanted to swallow Iraq! Iraq is a very rich country. Do you know this? Iraq is very rich! They wanted to swallow it and threaten Iran continuously by dominating Iraq. And they wanted to threaten us from the east in different ways. This was their goal.

However, the Islamic Republic’s policies have prevented them from implementing their plans. This is why they are trying to remove this obstacle. The same plan is being pursued in Syria. The same plan is being pursued in Palestine. These are their policies. So, you should stand up against these policies. You should reveal the true nature of arrogance. You should reveal the realities - about arrogance and global imperialism – that are available to you now or that will become available to you later on. You should speak about these realities. You should create a context for these realities in your speeches and in your public positions. 

And you should take care not to let your comments and your actions serve American goals. In the past, there were some cases in which a member of the Majlis made a statement that served a hundred percent – a hundred percent, not ninety percent - served the goals of the Zionist regime. It looked as if they had dictated their goals to him and he reflected them here! We have had such cases, of course very rarely. You should take care not to let these things happen.

4- Speech on 27th Demise Anniversary of Imam Khomeini (r.a.)
June 3, 2016

My dear ones, the Revolution is an outstanding and unique resource for our people and our country. We paid a price to achieve the Revolution. Heavy prices have been paid to achieve it, but the benefits that exist are a hundred times more than the prices that have been paid. This is a lucrative business for the people. Of course, the eight-year war, agitations and sanctions were the prices that we paid. All these things are the prices that the Revolution paid, but there are profits on this path which are a hundred times more than these prices.

From the beginning, prices and profits and benefits accompanied one another. We both paid prices and reaped benefits. During the war, our youth went and were martyred, but the people and the youth of the country made great achievements from that costly war. From the beginning, these prices and benefits accompanied one another. However, the more we moved forward, the lower the prices and the larger the profits became. Today is the day that we and the people of Iran can earn large profits from the Revolution without paying heavy prices. Today, this capability exists.

The Revolution has grown roots. The Islamic Republic’s tree has become strong, many realities have become clear and many solutions have come into being. Today, circumstances are brighter for the people of Iran. The ground is prepared in a better way and the path is smoother. There are more prices to be paid, but they are lighter and more preventable than the past.

There is an important point here: this Revolution did not come into being with a coup. It did not come into being with a military move, like some revolutions in which some military officers took a government and replaced it with another. This was not the case with our Revolution. This Revolution came into being through the people. It came into being with the people’s determination, revolutionary power and faith. And it defended itself, survived and grew roots with the same power. It was the people who did not show fear. It was the dear people of Iran who showed resistance and embodied this holy ayah: “Those to whom the people said, ‘Surely men have gathered against you, therefore fear them.’ But this increased their faith, and they said, ‘Allah is sufficient for us and most excellent is the Protector’” [The Holy Quran, 3: 173].

We used to be threatened all the time. They were constantly saying that they would attack and impose sanctions on us. However, the people did not show fear in the face of threats, nor did they become intimidated and crippled by sanctions. They continued the movement in a fearless, courageous and dignified manner. This should be the case from now on too. Our people, our individuals from different social backgrounds, our youth, our clergy, our businesspeople, our academic personalities, our researchers, our officials, our executive officials and our representatives in the Majlis should remain revolutionaries and move forward in a revolutionary manner – later on, I will refer to a number of criteria and standards in this regard. Everyone should remain revolutionaries so that we can move forward on this path and continue it in a successful manner.

It is wrong to think that revolutionaries are only those individuals who lived during the time of Imam (r.a.) or those who stood beside him during the time of revolutionary activities. Some people think that revolutionaries are those individuals who lived during the time of Imam (r.a.), during the time of revolutionary activities and during the time of Imam’s (r.a.) government and those who stayed with him. If we define “revolutionary” like this, then we old and rusty men are the only revolutionaries left. The Revolution belongs to everyone! The youth are revolutionaries and they can remain revolutionaries with the criteria and standards that I will refer to later on. Today’s youth can be revolutionaries that are more steadfast than the likes of us veterans!

During the Sacred Defense Era, we saw some individuals who offered their lives on the path of this Revolution. They joined the front lines and laid down their lives on the path of implementing Imam’s (r.a.) edict. It is they who are a hundred percent revolutionary individuals. Revolutionaries are those who are prepared to sacrifice themselves. Therefore, we should not confine revolutionaries to those individuals who stayed with Imam (r.a.) during the time of revolutionary activities and those who knew him. This should not be the case. The Revolution is a flowing river. All those who have lived throughout history with these characteristics and who make efforts on this path are revolutionaries although they might not have seen Imam (r.a.). You youth are an example of such individuals.

It is also wrong to think that when we say that such and such a person is a revolutionary, this means that they are extremists. Or when we want to refer to revolutionaries, we use the term “extremists”. This is wrong. Being a revolutionary does not mean being an extremist. These dual words which are the foreigners’ souvenirs and which are claims made by the enemies of Iran should not have a place in Iran and in our political culture. They divide the people into extremists and conservatives. We do not have such a thing as extremism and conservatism. They refer to revolutionaries as extremists and they refer to non-revolutionaries as conservatives! This is a foreign dualism. They repeat such things in their radios, in their propaganda and in their speeches, but we should not repeat them. Revolutionary is revolutionary.

It is also wrong to expect all those who are revolutionaries to act in a single revolutionary manner or to expect them to show a particular degree of revolutionary behavior. This is not what we should expect. As we clergy say, there is room for degrees when it comes to who is a revolutionary. It is possible that a person has a better performance when it comes to revolutionary concepts and activities, and that another person does not have such a good performance, but the latter is taking the same path. If we accuse any person who does not have a good and complete performance of being a non-revolutionary and anti-revolutionary, this is a mistake.

It is possible that the value of a person’s movement is a hundred, and that the value of other individuals’ movement is lower, but all of them are taking the same path. The important thing is that their movement should be in line with revolutionary criteria. The important thing is criteria. The important thing is that even a person who does not move forward in a completely resolute manner should have revolutionary criteria. If these criteria exist, then that party is a revolutionary no matter if it is an individual, a group of individuals or a government and organization. The main point is that we should know these criteria.

There are certain criteria for being a revolutionary. I would like to mention five criteria in this meeting. Of course, more criteria can be mentioned, but for the moment, I will mention five criteria for being a revolutionary. We should try to have and preserve these criteria wherever we are. A person might work in art, another might work in industry, another might work in politics, another might be involved in scientific activities and yet another might be involved in economic and commercial activities. It does not make any difference. These criteria can exist in all of us people of Iran.

These are the five criteria which I will expand on later: the first criterion is commitment to the main principles and values of the Revolution. The second criterion is aiming at the ideals of the Revolution and making great efforts to attain them. We should identity the ideals and lofty goals of the Revolution and then we should make efforts to attain them. The third criterion is commitment to the independence of the country in all areas – including political, economic, cultural, which is the most important one, and security independence. The fourth criterion is showing sensitivity in the face of the enemy and the enemy’s plots and plans, and refusing to follow him.

The enemy should be identified, his plans should be understood and following him should be avoided. As I said recently, the Holy Quran has referred to this refusal to follow the enemy as a “great jihad”. I have spoken two, three times about this matter [Supreme Leader’s speech delivered on May 26, 2016 in meeting with the head and members of the Assembly of Experts, and Supreme Leader’s speech delivered on May 23, 2016, at Imam Hussein’s (a.s.) University]. The fifth criterion is religious and political piety which is very important. If these five criteria exist in someone, then they are definitely a revolutionary.

Well, what is the opposite of this sensitivity? One is that some people deny the existence of the enemy. When we speak about an enemy, such individuals say, “You are suffering from an illusion, a conspiracy illusion.” In my opinion, bringing up this conspiracy illusion is a conspiracy in itself. In order to decrease sensitivities, they say, “What is the enemy? Which enmity?” They deny the most obvious things.

What we are saying is that America is the enemy of the Revolution. It is in the nature of global imperialism to show enmity towards a system such as the Islamic Republic. Their interests are 180 degrees different from each other. Global imperialism is after showing treachery, waging wars, creating and organizing terrorist groups, suppressing freedom-seeking groups and exerting pressure over the oppressed – such as the oppressed in Palestine and countries like Palestine. This is in the nature of global imperialism.
Notice that it is 100 years now that that America and England have been pressuring the people of Palestine. They have been doing so both before the formation of the Zionist regime in the year 1948 and after that until today. They are pressuring the people of Palestine. Well, this is how global imperialism moves. Islam cannot remain silent on this matter. The Islamic government cannot see this and be indifferent. Global imperialism is directly helping those who bomb the people of Yemen. America is openly and directly helping the bombardment of Yemen. Which areas do they bomb? Do they bomb the front lines? No, they bomb hospitals, markets, schools, and public squares. America is helping them. Well, the Islamic Republic cannot remain indifferent.

These two systems are the enemies of one another. They are opposed to one another by nature. How can this enmity be denied? America launched the coup d’état of the 28th of Mordad and toppled the national government. America has been showing enmity to us from the beginning of the Revolution until today. During the time of taghut, America established SAVAK which tortured the people and revolutionary fighters. In the eight-year war, America did its best to help our enemy. America brought down our passenger plane. America struck our oil platforms. America imposed sanctions on us. Is this not enmity?

If any individual and orientation that works for Islam and in the name of Islam trusts America, they have made a grave mistake for which they will be slapped across the face, as they were slapped in the past. In recent years, Islamic orientations trusted and established friendship with the Americans because of their interests, because of “political wisdom” – they refer to this as “wisdom” – and because of “tactics”. They said that these are “tactical moves”. However, they were punished and slapped across the face and in the present time, they are enduring the disasters that originate from that. If anyone who moves forward in the name of Islam and in the direction of Islam trusts America, they have made a grave mistake.

Of course, we have many small and big enemies. We have small and mean enemies as well, but the main enmity comes from America and from wicked England. England is really wicked! England has shown enmity towards us both in the past – in the early taghuti era, in the revolutionary era and after the victory of the Revolution – and in the present time. England has always shown enmity to us. Now too, the propaganda apparatus of the English government has published some so-called documents against Imam (r.a.) on the occasion of his demise anniversary. It publishes a document against our magnanimous, pure and pristine Imam (r.a.)! From where did they bring the document? They found it among American documents. Well, does America – that brought down a passenger plane with about 300 passengers on it- have any scruples about faking documents? The enmity of the English is like this.

Another main part of enmity comes from the vile and cancerous Zionist regime. These are our main enemies. We should know this enemy and we should show sensitivity in the face of his plots. Even if they give us an economic prescription, we should be cautious when taking it. It is like when an enemy comes and gives you a medicine and says that you should take it for such and such a disease. You exercise caution because it is possible that the medicine is poisoned. The political and economic prescriptions of the enemy should receive careful attention as well. Sensitivity in the face of the enemy is this. Naturally, when this sensitivity exists, we will not follow him.

5- Meeting with the Head and Members of the Assembly of Experts on the Occasion of the Inauguration of the Fifth Assembly of Experts
"Without a Doubt, Islam is a Demolisher of Oppression and Arrogance
May 26, 2016

Without a doubt, Islam is a demolisher of oppression and arrogance: “That He might cause it to prevail over all religions” [The Holy Quran, 9: 33]. Islam can undoubtedly defeat kufr and the opposite front, but which kind of Islam can do so? Only the kind of Islam that enjoys a government, a military force, media, politics, economy and many tools and instruments can annihilate kufr and oppression or restrict and prevent it from transgressing. Only the kind of Islam that has managed to build a system and establish a government can resist. Otherwise, if individuals – although they might be outstanding Muslims – and Islamic movements, like the ones that exist in the world, do not move towards the goal of establishing a government, they will not cause any danger to arrogance.

This is because they cannot do anything in this way. They cannot annihilate kufr, oppression and arrogance. You have achieved this kind of Islam that is able to confront, to resist and to stick out its chest in the face of the front of kufr and you have achieved it with difficulty, but how do you want to preserve it? This should be preserved in the face of the enemy. This is not something that will prevail if we abandon it. The enemy will attack.

What is being done at the third stage is waging a soft war of a different kind. Of course, this has not begun just today. It is several years now that it has begun, but it has developed on a daily basis. This is the type that is very dangerous. This is what I have repeatedly warned officials about and I have done so in different ways. This kind of soft war is infiltrating decision-building and decision-making centers. It is a kind of infiltration with the purpose of changing popular beliefs in the country. It is a kind of infiltration with the purpose of changing our calculations. We who are officials and who have adopted these positions have certain calculations for our tasks. We calculate and the result is that we adopt such positions. If they can change our calculations, our positions will change as well.

One of the main things that they do is exerting change in officials’ calculations, in the people’s beliefs and in decision-building and decision-making centers – the centers that build and make decisions. This is a dangerous plot that includes an attack on the principles of the Revolution and on guardian organizations. They attack the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps. They launch propaganda attacks. They attack the Guardian Council. They attack pious forces and pious hezbollahi youth.

In the present time, foreign radio, television and media are full of such statements. I do not know how much access you have to these media and how much you watch them. They are constantly working on these areas – particularly with the new means of mass communications that have come into being – so that they can make their audience reach these conclusions. They attack revolutionary clergy. They condemn revolutionary clergy by labeling them as governmental clergy and the like. To say it briefly, making efforts in this soft war is preparing the ground for emptying the Islamic Republic of its power elements. They want to act in a way that the Islamic Republic becomes empty of the elements that are inside it and that are a source of power for it. When it becomes weak, when power elements do not exist in it and when it does not enjoy solidity, then dragging it this way and that way will not be difficult for superpowers. They want to make it to follow them.

In any case, what I would like to stress is that the principle of change and progress should always be in front of our eyes. Stagnation is not good. We should constantly move forward and make progress. However, it should be in the direction of the goals of the Revolution and of religion. This was the second part which was about the path of this honorable and esteemed – in the real sense of the word – assembly.

Now, there are some general responsibilities that I will discuss in brief so that my speech does not become too long. To say it briefly, we should give power to the country. The country should become strong. The path of the Revolution’s survival and progress and the path of attaining the goals of the Revolution – in a general sense of the word – is the path of strengthening the country. If we can carry out this duty – that is to say, if the administration, the Majlis, the judiciary branch, the Armed Forces, and revolutionary forces can carry it out and if this assembly can do something in this regard and help in some way – then we will be sure that we can preserve the Revolution in the real sense of the word. If the country becomes strong, I will tell you that it will be possible for us to obtain concessions even from arrogance. If the country becomes weak, then even incompetent, weak and mean governments will order us around, let alone arrogance and superpowers. If we become weak, things will be like this. However, if we become strong, this will not be the case.

Power is a relative matter. At every stage of power, we can do some activities. Take the case of the nuclear negotiations, for instance – of course, I do not want to expand on this matter. Our dear friends in the administration said that they obtained certain concessions from the enemies. The enemies – who previously did not accept that we can have a nuclear industry – have now signed on paper that we can have a nuclear industry. Well, how was this achieved? This was achieved after we showed our power and after we did something that they could not imagine – that is to say, achieving 20-percent enrichment. They themselves and the experts in this field know that the difficult part in achieving 99 percent enrichment is enrichment until 20 percent. If a country can take the path that leads to 20 percent, then moving from that point to 90 and 99 percent will become easy. It is not far from there. They know this.

The Islamic Republic treaded this path. It managed to achieve 20-percent enrichment. It managed to produce 19,000 first-generation centrifuges. It managed to operate about 10,000 first-generation centrifuges. It managed to produce second, third, fourth-generation centrifuges as well. It managed to build Arak’s heavy water reactor. It managed to build a factory that produces heavy water. And this heavy water is being bought from us today. It was because of accomplishing these tasks that the enemy agreed to give us the minimum which is having a nuclear industry. If we had not carried out these tasks, they would not have complied with us.

I and all of you friends remember that 12 years ago, when we were conducting the previous round of negotiations, we were arguing with them so that they would allow us to run five centrifuges. However, they said that this is not possible. In the beginning, we were arguing over 20 centrifuges. However, they said that this is not possible at all. Then, we got along with them and said that we want five. They said that it is not possible again. Then, we said that one would be enough. However, they said that this is not possible either. When we do not have resources, when we do not have power, the enemy enters like this. However, when you build 19,000 centrifuges despite what the enemy wants, when you operate them, when you produce second, third-generation centrifuges, and when you carry out many other peripheral tasks, the enemy will be forced to accept. This is how power works. If power exists, one can obtain concessions even from arrogance. This was not a concession that the Americans granted to us, rather it was a concession that we won with our own power. No one granted it to us.

This is the case in all areas. It is the case in the area of the economy as well. The reason why I constantly speak about and stress the issue of the resistance econony – well, the friends in the administration have established a command center and certain things are being done whose results we hope to see on the ground, God willing – is this. If we become strong and powerful in the economy, then imposing sanctions will become meaningless and absurd. If we can achieve a powerful economy inside the country, they themselves will come begging to us. They will come and pursue establishing economic relations. Not only will they not impose sanctions, but they will also come and ask us not to impose sanctions on them – if we have the intention of doing so. This is natural. The same is true of the area of politics. The same is true of different other areas.

6- Speech at Imam Hussein (a.s.) University on the Occasion of the Graduation Ceremony of a Number of Cadets
"We Are in an Asymmetric War with Global Arrogance"
May 23, 2016

It is 37, 38 years now that they have been using all their resources to defeat this auspicious sapling, this Islamic Republic and this Revolution, but they have failed. “Allah is our Moula.” The people of Iran are present on the scene. You should not look at some nagging individuals or some individuals who only pursue lusts. The people are on the scene. The people are in the arena. There are a large number of individuals among our people who are prepared to lay down their lives. This is what brings God’s power behind us. This is an asymmetric war.

The issue of the Islamic Republic is that the arrogant enemy is trying to bring the Revolution to its knees. With what? With the promotion of his culture, with his economic pressures, with all sorts of political efforts, with the vast scope of his propaganda and with treasonous elements that are at his disposal, he is trying to stir the environment of the Islamic Republic to make it follow him. What makes arrogance be extremely angry at the Islamic Republic is not that the people of Iran are Muslims, rather the reason is that because of being Muslims, the people are not willing to give in to arrogance. They are not willing to follow him. This is why the enemy is angry. They are trying to cover up the real reason, but this is the truth of the matter. The nuclear issue was an excuse. Even the issue of missiles – they are constantly speaking about the issue of missiles which is of course of no avail and they cannot do a damn thing about it – is an excuse. The issue of human rights and different other issues are all mere excuses. The real issue is our refusal to follow them.

If the Islamic Republic was willing to follow arrogance, they would get along with its missiles, with its nuclear energy and with all kinds of things that exist in this regard and they would never say anything about human rights. On the basis of divine teachings, the Islamic Republic is not willing to follow the arrogant and kafer enemy- the camp of kufr and arrogance. This is the main reason. All their efforts are focused on this.

Of course, they try not to mention this, but their statements give them away. A few days ago, an American official listed the accusations that exist against the Islamic Republic: Missiles and so-and-so and “ideology”! This slipped from their tongue and thus they gave themselves away. This ideology means thinking: Islamic thinking that encourages you not to give in to the kafer enemy and to the camp of kufr and arrogance.

This is what triggers enmity and this is what brings you power. This is what brings you power. It is this motivation that has helped the people of Iran to survive. It is this motivation that has helped the people of Iran to preserve their firm determination. This means resisting and preserving the revolutionary and Islamic identity for the sake of the Islamic Republic and for the sake of the people of Iran. This is what the enemy is extremely angry about. And he has no other options. They tried very hard so that they could dominate our decision-making and decision-building centers, but they failed and by Allah’s favor and grace, they will continue to fail.

Dear youth, my dear children, the future belongs to you. The future belongs to you. It is you who preserve this history with its dignity. It is you who carry this responsibility on your shoulders. Khorramshahrs are ahead of you, not in the arena of military war, rather in an arena that is more difficult than a military war. Of course, this arena does not involve the ruin and destruction that follows a military war. On the contrary, what follows it is construction. However, it involves more hardships.

When we spoke about the economy of resistance, this means that the economic part of this great and fundamental policy is economic resistance. When we said that religious, hezbollahi and revolutionary youth should pursue, not abandon, their voluntary cultural efforts and when we invited – and continue to invite - all cultural organizations in the country to move in this direction, this is the cultural part of refusal to follow others. This is a “great jihad”. When we invite all the existing talents in the country to employ their talents and to bring them to the scene and to the arena on the path of the progress of this country and when we invite executive and other officials to welcome these talents, this is the active and social part of “great jihad”. This great jihad has various dimensions: “And strive against them with a great jihad.”

This does not mean breaking off our relationship with the world. In order to criticize this divine policy, some people say falsely, “Revolutionaries say that we should break off our relationship with the world.” This is not the case. We do not want to break off our relationship with the world and we do not want to build a wall around the country. They can come and go, they can interact with the world and they can do business with others, but they should not forget about their main identity and character. This is what we say: “And you shall have the upper hand if you are believers” [The Holy Quran, 3: 139].

They should move like representatives of the Islamic government. They should speak like representatives of the Islamic government. You can sign contracts with everyone – with all those that the interests of the country dictate – but you should sit at the negotiating table like representatives of Islamic Iran and representatives of Islam. Everyone should move forward in an intelligent manner. This jihad requires intelligence. It requires purity of intention. This jihad is not like military jihad during which some people shine brightly and their martyrs, their survivors and their disabled war veterans are portrayed in a heroic manner – of course, we are proud of these martyrs, disabled war veterans and self-sacrificing individuals – rather, this jihad is one in which someone might make great efforts, but no one might know them. This jihad requires sincerity.

Another point is that you should consider clarification and explanation as the basis of work. I sometimes witness that when a group of people – probably a number of moral and pious youth – are opposed to someone or some meeting, they begin creating a fuss and chanting slogans. I do not agree with such courses of action because they are of no avail. Since long ago, I have frequently advised this to those who engage in such courses of action. If you go to such and such a meeting where someone whom you do not agree with – whether rightly or wrongly –  is delivering a speech with the purpose of breaking up the meeting and creating a fuss, this is of no avail. What works is clarification and adopting the right and intelligent course of action. These are the things that work. Sometimes, some people adopt such courses of action with malicious intentions and they ascribe them to pious and hezbollahi youth. You should be careful about this.


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