Zionist Regime's Brutal Raids on Northern Gaza

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ismail Salami 

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The Zionist regime has launched a series of brutal raids on northern Gaza, killing over 120 Palestinians, about half identified by medical workers as civilians, leaving the Gaza Strip's public health system on brink of collapse.

The food supplies distributed by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) to the Gazans will run out in a few weeks. About 80 percent of the people in Gaza are dependent on food aid, much of which is provided by UN aid agencies.

The Israeli regime continues its atrocities in the Gaza Strip while the international community does nothing to prevent them.

Is it not catastrophic to see scores of Palestinians being massacred while no international organization does anything to stop the nightmarish hell created by Israel? Isn't the US government ashamed of throwing support behind a criminal regime that has usurped a land from its people, stolen their dreams, incarcerated them in a virtual prison and inflicted upon them any atrocity?

The Israeli regime is bold to continue its myriad crimes in Gaza because it is supported by its US mentor who pretends to be seeking a peace deal.

After all, the Zionists have other ulterior motives which should not go unheeded. They have been recently preparing themselves for another military strike on Lebanon by conducting war games on the northern border with Lebanon.

The martyrdom of Hezbollah's military commander Imad Mugniyah was a calculated act carried out by the Zionist regime with the express intention of provoking the Shias into seeking to retaliate, an act which might give them the pretext to launch their new military assault on Lebanon by way of redeeming their lost reputation in the 33-day war against the Hezbollah which led to their humiliating defeat.

Given the volatile political situation in Lebanon, the Zionist regime believes the government would fail to defend itself properly and would give in to the situation, leaving room for the Zionist troops to seize reign in the country.

The act of invasion which could be favorably supported by the Bush administration would turn to the best interests of the Zionist regime and the US. But that's not all.

The whole scenario is assumed to drag the war into Iran and Syria in order to serve the US. The military presence of the US troops off the Lebanese coast is a testimony to this assumption.

In a muscle-flexing move, the Bush administration has ordered the deployment of the USS Cole and other warships to the Eastern Mediterranean in a bid to cover up Israel's recent brutal attacks in the Gaza Strip and expand the war to the entire region.

The Cole which has the capability to strike targets throughout the region with cruise missiles will be joined soon by the US naval USS Nassau amphibious warship and its strike group of six vessels carrying 2,800 marines, flight crews and sailors.

Analysts believe that this is a provocatively dangerous act, threatening those who do not revolve in the American orbit and that the US is adamant on wreaking holocaustal havoc in the region with the help of Israel.

The military buildup seems to be targeted at Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. To be plain, the recent Zionist atrocities in the Gaza Strip are a prelude to more horror in the region.

In a statement released on Saturday, Hezbollah said the dispatch of US military interference was part of President Bush's "tutelage plot which prevents Lebanese unity and hampers all initiatives to defuse the prolonged political crisis in Lebanon."

"The plan also wants to incite one group against the other and withdraw the cards of strength from their hands to the benefit of its strategic ally -- the Zionist enemy," the statement said.

On a deeper level, the Zionists are serving the interests of the Bush government by creating chaos and instability in the region in order that the US presence in the region may be justified.

In his recent exclusive interview with the Zionist Ynews, US prospective Democratic candidate Barack Obama vowed to continue 'unshakeable' US commitment to Israel, and pursue 'aggressive diplomacy' on Iran.

"The principles that will guide me are 1) that Israel's security must be guaranteed; 2) that the status quo is unsustainable over time, and the best long-term guarantee of Israel's security is a negotiated two-state solution with the Palestinians, if it can be achieved; and 3) that Israel has to remain a Jewish state and the Palestinian state must be viable.

My approach to Iran will be based upon aggressive diplomacy. I will not take the military option off the table. But I also believe that under this administration, we have seen the threat grow worse, and I intend to change that course."

Obama's support for Israel and condemnation of the Muslim countries is nothing new.

It is manifest that Israel and the US administration have colluded to exacerbate the crisis in the Middle East, expand the war to other countries and exercise greater control over the region.

The dirty war euphemistically called the 'war on terror' which was started by Bush and his cronies will not stop in Afghanistan and Iraq but will stretch to the entire region.

The ghoul of imperialism has run amuck and it will not stop until its thirst for blood and expansionism is quenched.


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