Zarif Deserves Nobel Peace Prize

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Abdolreza Ghofrani
Former Senior Diplomat and International Analyst

By and large, after two years of draconian nuclear talks, amid optimism, cynicism, anxieties, hurdles and destructive propaganda, the nuclear deal was struck between Islamic Republic of Iran and Five +One in Austrian capital Vienna last week. Undoubtedly, this has been a big deal and historical episode and a great success that the future generations will thoroughly and meticulously judge. The adoption of this resolution by all the members of the Security Council of the United Nations is actually the importance the world body attaches to the global peace and security. But given being the only organ of the United Nations whose resolutions have the power of executive guarantee, undoubtedly all member states of SC of this world body, particularly signatory parties of the said agreement, cannot but committed to live up to this resolution. Certainly, execution of this resolution by any country is unavoidable, and the violation of this international legal instrument by any country, being either small or large and particularly those signed the nuclear agreement, is the blunt violation of international laws and regulations and the lack of interest to the international peace and security.

However, we have not to lose the sight of the fact that we are at the beginning of the road and the great challenges are still to come. The operation of this agreement in the form of a UN resolution is pretty significant and quite challenging. As a matter of fact this is a resolution that requires the efforts by the whole world because the global peace and security is at stake.

Fortunately, many that used to call this deal a "bad agreement", and did think of it as a peril to the global peace and security!! now have convinced that they have been making a great mistake. However there are still those desperately dragging their feet and insisting on their obsolete and old viewpoints. Delightfully they are in sheer minority.

All those on the two sides opposing to the agreement, should have no doubt, whatsoever, that this agreement will make its way peacefully but at the high speed. Now the global public opinion have found out that this agreement, or UN resolution is not only quite good and useful but pretty significant and unavoidable. So, this calls for inclusive international efforts that entail welfare, peace and security for the generations of the whole world for which they will be grateful.

In this between, however, the role of those persons and their devoted painstaking efforts leading to this international agreement should not be ignored. These persons, that are the negotiating teams, are those with deep faith in international peace and security, sparing no efforts to do their best to achieve their courageous and inspiring goals. As a matter of fact their marvelous job evokes the attempts made by great personalities for global peace and security ever since the establishment of Nobel Foundation in 1900 in Norway. If those great and peace-loving persons could have made the world a better place to live, these people, now, in this tumultuous international conditions have done great to do the same and this should be appreciated.

Now it is for Nobel Foundation to decide and appreciate the precious attempts of these peace making and peace loving persons, who have not spared any effort to achieve the objectives they have had great conviction. There is no doubt that the Iranian Foreign Minister Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif is one of these excellent figures. This is a fact that nobody has any doubt. Certainly Nobel Foundation has its own rules and measures to decide the laureates, including peace prize for next year, however Mr. Zarif certainly is a brilliant one.

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