Why Are Arab Countries Silent?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Parviz Sorouri
Member, National Security & Foreign Policy Committee, Majlis

The world is witness to a new wave of Israeli crimes against humanity in Gaza. The massacre and genocide of the Palestinians is an outcome of the silence and implicit support of certain Arab countries for the Zionist regime.

The bombing of Gaza by helicopters of the Zionist regime which led to martyrdom of a large number of innocent and defenseless Palestinians on the one hand and the silence of Islamic-Arab states more than the silence of international community on the other is very painful.

Although there are 57 countries in the Muslim world which possess important economic tools and reserves needed by the international community, however they are incapable of coping with the stratagems of the arrogant powers to the extent that today they are even unable to defend their least rights.

As the world is witness to the massacre of a defenseless nation, the Arab and Islamic governments not only extend no support for them but with their silence and implicit support are making efforts to annihilate an innocent generation.

The hearts of the Muslim nations are beating for the oppressed people of Palestine but it is tragic that certain Muslim governments are blocking the solidarity of nations in this respect.

The Islamic governments should know that the wrath and fury of the nations against this deadly silence would burst one day and people in these countries would demonstrate their support for the innocent Palestinian nation.

In the wake of the Zionist regime’s ongoing invasion of Gaza Strip, Iran too must activate its diplomatic potentials by adopting a different diplomacy compared to the past and play a pioneering role in breaking the siege of Gaza.

The new attack of the Zionist regime against Gaza demonstrates another reality too: Today it is not just Gaza which has come under barbaric attacks by an illegitimate regime but it is the human rights which are breached in front of the eyes of the entire world. Today, the deafening slogans of the Western countries in defending human rights and humanity and their efforts to deceive the nations with these hollow slogans, have been well exposed.

The silence of international community on the question of Palestine shows that these organizations are only tools in the hands of the arrogant powers and instead of restoring the rights of the nations they just carry out the orders of the big powers.

The result of this silence can leave destructive consequences in the international arena and the fire set as a result of the silence of the Arab countries will eventually burn their foundation and institution.


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