Where the Policy Is Made and Who Pays the Bills

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Abdolreza Ghofrani

Just a few months back, this author discussed, in length, and contributed through an article titled " The confused US Foreign Policy, being Undecided, new Vision a must ". Over the past couple of months ,given the deterioration of the situation in this crisis oriented region, that is the Middle East ,US administration was expected, at least, to take steps thwarting  the existing  perilous situation going from bad to worse.

However it sounds the other way around. Now it is anyone's conviction, what this entire crisis is all about. Who is the main beneficiary of this situation? Other than the anguished countries of the region who is really paying the big deal bills?

This time around, as a former diplomat with more than four decades of experience, and closely dealing with developments and some crises in this sensitive part of the world, I had no choice but directly addressing the US administration and of course the people of that country. It is catastrophic that American foreign policies, as now the majority of global public opinion believe, not being shaped by those in Potomac banks in Washington but those in Tel Aviv. Once upon a time, a columnist did strike a joke saying;"the letters (now read it here as decisions) were drafted in Tel Aviv and forwarded to Washington for signature!!

My intention is not to take side with that satirist columnist; however the ongoing developments, in which US administration has been closely involved, are proving that those satires or jokes have not been but true. Let me take some of those developments:

1- The inhuman savaged atrocities now being committed in Gaza by Israel has not received, whatsoever, any effective response on the part of US. Certainly the global opinion expected a different critical response by Washington. What is the reason for this fatal indifference on the part of US? The Human Rights Council of the United Nations, so to speak, always apparently thoroughly sensitive!! to minor violations of the human right conventions in the remotest areas of the world; as to why now  being much less ignorant to this genocide  committed  in the Middle East  than other areas  over the past years? Do they have any special mandate or what? Why these international organizations are doing by double standards in discharging their assigned duties? What is the difference between this mass killing by Israel from that genocide committed in 1970s through Khmer Rouge and Pal Pot regime in Cambodia? If by these human savaged acts, the real peace of the world is seriously in jeopardy, isn’t it the duty of the  Security Council, aspired in UN Charter, to act and get something done quickly to stop this catastrophy? Otherwise we cannot but believe that this global organization, supposedly should be a peace maker, is nothing more than what late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, former Pakistani Prime Minister, called it just a models show room four decades ago . He then, tearing down the papers in front of him in UN Security Council and walking out the session in New York and harshly criticized this world body organ for just adopting useless and void resolutions while his people in Pakistan were slaughtered and the country disintegrated (1971). Reportedly some of the members of US Senate then had robust support for disintegration of Pakistan.

2- Nuclear talks, notwithstanding Iran's realistic and wise stance and more important of all the flexible position it has taken during these negotiations, has not yet reached the conclusion everyone, even though the moderate and wise top officials of US administration aspire to. Why? The whole world know well that, unfortunately, again it has been, the strong Israelis lobbies in the Senate or some of the executive branch of US that are doing  their utmost efforts to make obstacles in reaching a balanced and fair agreement that will be beneficial to everybody .

3- There are other flushing dangerous points, among others Syria and Iraq, that undoubtedly Tel Aviv's hand and ill intended involvements can be seen and have been proved. Unfortunately it is a long list of Israel inhuman actions that need not be repeated here because everybody knows of.

Now, this question has remained unanswered that how many a time this vicious process can continue? A process that not only endangers the peace and stability of the whole world and cost hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian people. Moreover, this certainly hinders the development and progress of the nations that will eventually be beneficial to the developed countries too? Last but not the least, who are paying the most expenses for these extravagant and inhuman policies imposed by Israel on so called elected US administration? It is certainly the American people. As long as this sadistic trend is continuing, American citizens need to expect more costs of lives of their youth and heavy prices they should pay. Worse, this will bring them nothing but more hatred in other nations to Americans. Four decades ago an American producer made a film named "Ugly American" with the brilliant act of great movie star ,Marlon Brando, that did have a far too unpleasant impression on the world public opinion. American people now have the opportunity to stop repeating this.

*Abdolreza Ghofrani is a senior former Iranian diplomat and an international analyst

Source: Kherad

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