Velayati Asks for Europe’s Bigger Role in Global Peace

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Head of the Strategic Research Center of Iran’s State Expediency Council Ali Akbar Velayati called on the European states, specially Italy, to play a bigger role in international peace and stability.

The European states are required to study the regional developments more precisely and understand them more logically and adopt appropriate policies to establish sustainable peace and stability in the region and try to establish global peace and tranquility consequently,” Velayati said in a meeting with Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Vincenzo Amendola in Tehran on Wednesday afternoon.

He underscored Italy’s key role in this regard as an important member of the European Union.

Unlike past, regional issues leave great impacts on the global scene and international community,” Velayati warned.

He also rejected claims by certain officials about their role in averting armed conflicts and said only “the people’s resistance” prevented the enemies from making a brazen move against the country.

Only the resistance of the people and the power of our fighters have caused the Islamic Republic’s sworn enemies to not dare to make any act of aggression against the country,” Velayati sad.

Because in case the enemies even think of making such a move against Iran, they will be dealt such a strong blow that they would never forget it, the official added.

He further emphasized that the Iranian people have always proved that they will wholeheartedly defend national interests, territorial integrity, and the Islamic Establishment in all areas.

The Italian envoy, for his part, expressed his pleasure to meet Velayati, and said, ‘Fortunately the two countries have had a very promising cooperation in various economic fields and prospects of such cooperation in the future will be very promising.’

Rome regards expansion of cooperation with Iran very positively, he said.

Welcoming expansion of cooperation between Iran and Italy on regional developments, the Italian envoy said Rome is fully ready to hear Iran’s points of views to help proceed with common goals.


*Source: irannewsdaily

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