Unity the Most Important Need of Palestinians!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mohammad Khajouei

Cairo has been playing host to an important meeting as of Tuesday March 10. Palestinian groups mainly Hamas and Fatah are meeting in Egypt to put an end to their complicated and widespread disputes and experience national reconciliation through negotiations.

The agonized people of Palestine have been going through difficult years of occupation and war imposed on them by Israel on the one hand and also suffered from the differences between the Palestinian groups on the other. Each group claims to be right without realizing that escalation of disputes between them which are sometimes coupled with clashes and bloodshed would have no result except increased suffering and misery for the people of Palestine and would provide Israel with more opportunities to hurt this oppressed and innocent nation.

The Palestinian scene and the reality of the recent years all indicate that the attitude of elimination among the Palestinian groups has failed to remove the obstacles in the way of formation of an independent Palestinian state.

The current structure of the Palestinian society has been severely crippled due to political division. In view of the needs and basic priorities particularly reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and to meet the demands of the Palestinian nation in the negotiations, national reconciliation seems to be the only way to save Palestine.

It is an undeniable fact that Palestinian groups and more importantly the two factions of Hamas and Fatah enjoy big social support and therefore the idea of eliminating the rival group is totally useless. Increased political rift between the Palestinian groups would more than any other thing open the way for Israel to evade responsibility on the pretext of these divisions and take advantage of “absence of a united Palestinian party” to justify its criminal and aggressive policies.

Under these conditions, unity among the Palestinian groups would strip them of lone riding and strengthen collective activity. Also, multiple presence of the Palestinian groups in a single stronghold would enable the rival groups with different political tastes to prepare their platforms so that the winner party in the elections would start working to promote people’s goals with legitimacy.

The current division would cause some of the Palestinian political groups to tilt towards the enemy and this would certainly undermine the Palestinian cause. However, multiplicity and orderly heterogeneity within the framework of national reconciliation would prevent monopolization and hurting the Palestinian cause.

In case of unity, Hamas and Fatah will act as two powerful arms of Palestine: One hand will carry arms and the other an olive branch; one arm will speak of restoration of the rights of Palestinians and the other will realize the achievements of the resistance in the political scene.

The unity and collaboration of these two apparently opposite currents will give such power to the Palestinian nation that would enable them put an end to the agony of occupation and war and witness fruition of long years of resistance and valiance by their martyrs and freedom fighters under a single Palestinian banner.

Now all the eyes in Palestine and the region are fixed on Cairo to see whether this time too the Palestinian groups would think of themselves or of a greater expediency, namely Palestine?

We have to wait and see!

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