United States’ Acts of Terror Across the World during Past 100 Years

Friday, June 10, 2016

The US State Department has recently released a new report accusing Iran of harboring terrorism. The US State Department’s annual report on terrorism has labeled Iran as one of the main supporters of terrorism despite the conclusion of Iran's nuclear deal with the P5+1 group of countries. The report has asserted that during 2015, Iran has been among the main supporters of state terrorism in the world by providing financial support, training and equipment to terrorist groups across the globe.

The report, which was released by the US State Department on Thursday, June 2, followed another similar report, which was released on July 1, 2015, concurrent with the anniversary of shooting down of Iran's passenger airplane by the US forces in the Persian Gulf. That report, which came as part of the United States’ annual military strategy report for 2015, also accused the Islamic Republic of Iran of supporting terrorism across the world.

A glance at the performance of the US government, at least since one century ago up to the present time, will show that anytime acts of terrorism by the US government increase on a global scale, official organizations and institutions affiliated with that government, both militarily and politically, start to point an accusing finger at other states by claiming that they are supporting terrorism.

A review of measures taken by the US government from Somalia in Africa to Nicaragua in the Latin America, as well as other measures taken by this country in various parts of the world from Cuba to the Middle East, and from Afghanistan to Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, especially terrorist acts targeting the Islamic Republic of Iran, would reveal such a huge number of terrorist measures that even providing a simple list of them and their dates will take a lot of time.

The question is how a country, which has been established only 239 years ago and 93 percent of that time, that is, 222 years, has been spent in war and aggression against other countries in the world, can be in a place to accuse other countries of acts of terrorism while both friends and enemies are aware of its terrorist operations across the globe?

What follows is a simple list of terrorist measures, and in other words state terrorism, by the United States government in the past century to be reviewed by the audience, especially the present generation, which may be less familiar with these facts. It goes without saying that many indirect or direct terrorist actions by the US government may have not been mentioned in this list for various reasons:

- 1901: US forces attack Colombia
- 1902: US forces attack Panama
- 1904: US forces are deployed to Korea and Morocco
- 1905: US forces are deployed to Honduras to suppress the country’s revolution
- 1905: US forces attack Mexico to help dictator Porfirio Díaz suppress the country’s popular uprising
- 1907: US forces attack Nicaragua
- 1907: US forces attack the Dominican Republic to suppress people’s revolution
- 1907: US forces take part in the war between Honduras and Nicaragua
- 1908: US forces are deployed to Panama to interfere in the country’s elections
- 1910: US forces are deployed to Nicaragua to suppress a coup attempt against it government
- 1911: US forces are deployed to Honduras to support the coup d’état led by Manuel Bonilla against elected President Miguel Davila
- 1911: Suppression of anti-American uprising in the Philippines
- 1911: Intervention in China
- 1912: US forces attack and occupy Cuba
- 1912: US forces attack Panama
- 1912: US forces attack Honduras
- 1912-1933: US forces occupy Nicaragua
- 1914-1934: US forces occupy Haiti
- 1916-1924: US forces occupy the Dominican Republic for 8 years
- 1917-1933: Occupation of Cuba
- 1917-1918: Taking part in World War I
- 1918-1922: Intervention in Russia
- 1918-1920: US forces are deployed to Panama
- 1919: US forces are deployed to Costa Rica
- 1919: US forces attack Honduras
- 1920: US forces attack Guatemala
- 1921: US supports armed groups to topple the government of Carlos Guerrero
- 1922: Intervention in Turkey
- 1922-1927: US forces are deployed to China
- 1924-1925: US forces attack Honduras
- 1925: US forces attack Panama
- 1926: US forces attack Nicaragua
- 1927-1934: US forces occupy China
- 1932: US forces attack El Salvador
- 1937: US forces attack Nicaragua
- 1945: Nuclear bombardment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a result of which about 220,000 people, most of them civilians, were killed. More than 100,000 were killed during the bombardment and the rest died to the end of 1945 due to destructive effects of radioactive radiation.
- 1947-1949: US forces attack Greece
- 1948-1953: US forces attack the Philippines
- 1950: US forces attack Porto Rico
- 1950-1953: US forces attack Korea
- 1953: The United States supports the August 19 coup d’état against Iran's popular government
- 1958: US forces attack Lebanon
- 1958: US forces attack Panama
- 1959: US forces are deployed to Laos
- 1959: US forces attack Haiti
- 1960: US forces attacks Ecuador
- 1960: US forces attack Panama
- 1965-1973: US engages in bloody aggression against Vietnam
- 1966: US forces attack Guatemala
- 1966: The United States offers military support for Indonesia against the Philippines.
- 1971-1973: US forces bombard Laos
- 1972: US forces attack Nicaragua
- 1980: US forces launch a military operation against Iran in Tabas known as the Operation Eagle Claw, which ended in failure
- 1983: Military intervention in Grenada
- 1986: US forces attack Libya and bombard Tripoli and Benghazi
- 1988: US forces attack Honduras
- 1988: US forces attack Iran's passenger plane over the Persian Gulf, killing all 290 people on board
- 1989: US forces suppress unrest in Virgin Islands
- 1991: US forces conduct large-scale operations in Iraq (first Persian Gulf War)
- 1992-1994: US forces occupy Somalia, treating the country’s citizens with extreme violence.
- 1998: US forces attack Sudan in which US warplanes target a pharmaceutical plant claiming that it produced the nerve gas.
- 1999: US enters into war against Yugoslavia under the aegis of the NATO. The country was bombarded for 78 days and was then disintegrated.
- 2001: US forces attack and occupy Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting al-Qaeda
- 2003: US forces attack and occupy Iraq without UN mandate
- 2011: US forces attack Libya following victory of the country’s revolution and the overthrow of former dictator, Muammar Gaddafi
- 2011: The United States declares its support for armed terrorist groups fighting to topple the government of Syria.
- 2011: The United States declares official support for Bahrain’s Al Khalifa regime in its suppression of the country’s popular uprising.
- 2015: The United States declares official support for Al Saud regime in its war against the Yemeni nation.

Source: Fars News Agency
Translated By: Iran Review.Org

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