Unique Coverage of Iranian Documentary `Beyond Fitna'

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An Iranian Documentary "Beyond Fitna" which has been produced and posted on the Internet by "Islam and Christianity Non-Governmental Organization", has received warm welcome by various sites and weblogs in the world after a short time and it has been referred to as the first successful experience of Iranians in Internet films.

Well-known sites in the world have posted the Iranian documentary "Beyond Fitna"- which has been produced in response to the insulting film "Fitna" – and different comments have been passed about it.

At present, more than 420,000 links have been created for "Beyond Fitna" in search engines and the number is increasing more and more every minute.

Visitors of the famous Youtube site have discussed peaceful relations among religions and mentioned that Jesus (Peace Be upon Him) and Moses (pbuh) are respected in Islam and the International Peace website has explained the film saying it is available in three languages.

The Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia has opened a new page for this film and FoxNews has mentioned the film as an Iranian response to the Dutch Fitna.   

Wilders, the weblog belonging to the producer of Fitna, wrote quoting the spokesman of Islam and Christianity NGO, Mohammad Karimi, that the film has revered Christianity and Judaism and has dealt with extremist critiques of religions.

CNN has also reported that the film will soon be translated into important world languages.

Broad Coverage of Iranian Documentary "Beyond Fitna" in Netherlands

So far, more than 1900 sites and the Dutch news agency have covered the Iranian documentary "Beyond Fitna" – which has been produced in response to the sacrilegious film Fitna.

While voicing hatred towards Geert Wilders, producer of Fitna, some Dutch sites have lauded the producers of Iranian documentary "Beyond Fitna". They have also praised the final message of the documentary which calls for unity among religions.

Some Dutch websites have taken a negative stance against the Iranian documentary and have posted strongly-worded articles and speeches coming mostly from sites affiliated to the Zionists.

The websites and have voiced the positive and negative views about the Iranian documentary. Also, the websites while posting the documentary on its website has asked visitors to watch it. The website has offered a detailed analysis about the film and the websites and have adopted negative stances against the Iranian documentary. Radio Netherlands too reported that "Beyond Fitna" is a response to "Fitna".

Liveleak: "Beyond Fitna" Iranian Revenge against Dutch Fitna

The welcome accorded to the Iranian documentary was to the extent that the video sharing website liveleak which posted the blasphemous "Fitna" had to post "Beyond Fitna" on its website too. It said the Iranian documentary had been prepared to take revenge of the Dutch film.

Liveleak claimed that the Iranian documentary contained violent scenes. But the truth is that these violent scenes relate to the crimes committed against Western extremists against Islamic community.

"Islam and Christianity Non-Governmental Organization" which has produced the documentary believes that when the Dutch website releases a film accusing all Muslims by relying on the inhuman behavior of an extremist pseudo-Muslim group it should not complain about showing the crimes committed by some Western extremists.

Some Details about "Beyond Fitna"

The Iranian documentary "Beyond Fitna" prepared by "Islam and Christianity Non-Governmental Organization" in a response to Geert Wilders, the Zionist member of the Dutch parliament and posted on the internet, while briefly introducing the three Divine prophets voices some Islamic viewpoints about human being, religious minorities, women and quest for knowledge. It also shows the views expressed by certain Zionist hardliners.

In the first part of the documentary, three Quranic verses about Moses (pbuh), Jesus (pbuh) and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) are cited and then the views of Islam about such issues as human equality irrespective of race and color; support for the vulnerable with special recommendations about neighbors and the value of science and learning are expressed.

Then pictures are shown about freedom of religious minorities in carrying out their religious ceremonies in Iran. The status of women in Iran and the Islamic world and narrations from Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) on respect for women are among other subjects in the first part of the documentary.

It also introduces some prominent Islamic scientists like Avicenna and Qotbeddin Shirazi and shows pictures including translations and lessons of these scientists in Europe in past centuries. It also refers to the theory of Qotbeddin Shirazi on revolving of the earth around the sun and his theory is compared to that of Galilei who was put on trial centuries after Shirazi for announcing that earth was rotating around the sun.

The second part of the 81-minute documentary pertains to attacks by Western hardliners against Islam and shows tragic scenes on the crimes committed in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Bosnia, and Kosovo. It also broadcasts remarks by Zionist Christians like Bush and Jerry Falwell in attacking Islam and Muslims.

Also pictures of enemies of Islam from Bush and Sharon to Bin Laden are shown as the "group of evil" and the Quranic verse "…Their intention is to distinguish god's light (by blowing with their mouth)" from Sura Saff is cited in describing them.

In the third and last part of the documentary, the movement of the world people, including Muslims, Christians and Jews against this evil group is pictured and it ends with a Quranic verse calling for unity of expression among followers of Divine religions.

The Iranian documentary "Beyond Fitna" is now available in English on the website of "Islam and Christianity" NGO at and its Arabic version will also be screened this week.

Source: Fars News Agency

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