US and Europe Seek to Promote Iranophobia

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has lashed out at the US and Israel for exerting negative influence on European Union ties with Tehran, urging the EU to adopt an “independent foreign policy.”

Iran expects the European Union to follow up an “independent foreign policy” and to not permit the US and the Israeli regime to take advantage of European bodies to provoke hostility towards the Islamic Republic, said Salehi.

Europe has lost opportunities for cooperation with Iran as it has pursued US policies, he added and stressed that the US and Europe seek to promote Iranophobia and portray a misleading image of the Islamic Republic.

However, European countries should know that they can play a “more serious, constructive and positive” role at the current situation in the world, he pointed out.

The Iranian minister called on Europeans not to deprive themselves from current potentials in the region and leave an inappropriate image among regional governments and nations.

Salehi added that differences in relations between Iran and EU can be overcome.

“We call for removal of obstacles in ties with EU. We believe that the two sides have great potential to change the current situation and to bolster relations,” the Iranian minister went on to say.

He expressed hope that Europeans will choose more proper ways in interactions with Iran and emphasized that they should respect the rights of nations and avoid making interfering remarks and imposing sanctions and resolutions against Iran.

Salehi said that Iran and EU need “constant consultations and patience” to improve constructive bilateral cooperation in all fields, particularly in the sensitive Middle East region.

Iran's Foreign Minister has strongly criticized human rights violations in European countries, particularly those directed against Muslims.

We protest violations of the basic rights of Muslims in European states," he said.

Salehi pointed to the significance of ties between Iran and Europe despite the different viewpoints of the Islamic Republic and the European Union.

The Iranian foreign minister said the two sides have had different opinions about the role of religion in politics and governing, human rights, terrorism, Palestine, and Iran's peaceful nuclear program, but have tried to maintain their relations due to the necessity of political, security, regional and trade ties.

Iran's Foreign Ministry has repeatedly reiterated the need for the international monitoring of human rights violations in Western countries.