US Overtures to Iran

Monday, December 24, 2007

Iran's FM Manouchehr Mottaki says the Bush Administration should take positive steps to prove that its overtures to Iran are genuine.

"During the past few weeks, particularly after the release of the NIE report, US officials had talked about defusing tension and direct negations with Iran, indicating that they are aware of the significant role of the country in the region and world,” he said.

“ However, they adopted approaches like imposing sanctions on Iran, increasing their pressures, and bringing forward irrational preconditions, that are in contrast with their remarks,” Mottaki added.

The Iranian minister called on the US to take positive steps to prove that Washington has rectified its 'wrong policies toward the Islamic Republic.'

"As senior Iranian officials have been reiterating, we welcome any rational approach to Iran, that is based on mutual respect," Mottaki said.

Iran believes that the ground could be prepared for improved relations through mutual respect and avoiding baseless allegations, he concluded.

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