US Awards Iranian Brain Surgeon

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Active ImageAmerican Association of Neurological Surgeons awarded Majid Samiei, noted Iranian brain surgeon, its golden prize for contribution to neurosurgery.

Samiei, who chairs the Third International Symposium on Brain and Neurosurgery in Iran said that the award had so far been presented to American surgeons and no European surgeon has received it.

Currently in Iran to take part in the symposium, Samiei said, “I’m glad to get the award, but it also increases the responsibility of the receiver.”

Addressing the youth, he said it is incumbent upon the youth to acquire knowledge.
“They should know that the biggest power in the world is knowledge through which one can get other things,” he said.

Samiei, 70, pointed out that more than 16 noted surgeons from European countries, the US and China will deliver lectures during the symposium. The event opened in Tehran on Sunday and will continue until April 27.

Samiei, an Iranian physician residing in Germany, was born in Rasht, Gilan province, in 1937 and received his degree in neurosurgery at the age of 33. He has served as president of the International Society for Neurosurgery and was elected as the founding president of the Congress of International Neurosurgeons (MASCIN) in 2003.

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder hailed Samiei for his medical contribution to neuroscience as head of the world-renowned International Neuroscience Institute based in Hanover.

In 2007, Samiei received the top Chinese “Friendship Award” from the country’s premier for his contribution to the medical progress of China.

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