US Acknowledged its Mistake

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Leader's representative in the Supreme National Security Council, Ali Larijani, said the US has acknowledged its mistake vis-a-vis Iran.

Larijani pointed out that the recently published US intelligence finding, the National Intelligence Estimate (NIE), makes clear that Iran had all along adopted a proper nuclear policy.

He noted that after such great hue and cry over Iran's nuclear program, the Americans have admitted that Iran does not have nuclear weapons, is not trying to produce such instruments and the US intelligence report of 2005 was mistaken in its conclusions.

"Washington wanted to make Iran stop its nuclear program through three European countries," Larijani added, referring to but not naming the UK, France and Germany

He opined that it seems that the American statesmen have mental problems, because they have said that if Iran stops its nuclear program they will make Iran a member of the World Trade Organization.

"The US statesmen arguehave made clear that they want to promote democracy throughout the world and they seek to promote a counterfiet version of Islam in the world," Larijani added.

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