UAE Irrelevant and Untimely Repeated Claim

Monday, November 18, 2013

Abdolreza Ghofrani

As 5+1 and Islamic Republic of Iran had just wrapped up their first round of talks last week in Geneva and decided to continue nuclear discussions within the next ten days, in Abu Dhabi, UAE Foreign Minister, irrelevantly and untimely raised the issue of the Islands in Persian Gulf.

His words were not new and are the repetition of previous baseless claims, and so, there is no need to be thoroughly reopened. It is good that some local analysts have properly reacted to these sarcastic statements. However to make clear more the facts for public opinion of the region and eventually the world,  it sounds necessary to address, in brief,  the issue. During a joint press conference in Abu Dhabi with visiting German Foreign Minister, UAE Foreign Minister had found an opportunity to request the issues of Islands in Persian Gulf be included in nuclear talks agenda!? It goes without saying that what he had proposed is not absolutely an item in the aforesaid agenda and naturally thoroughly unrelated to be discussed in these negotiations. Such a proposal, given the international norms and protocols, is not in line with the ongoing nuclear talks.

Anyone with a commonsense and rational international mindset will interpret this proposal made by a foreign minister nothing but either a sarcastic comments or may figure out that the minister is not fully in the picture of international trends. Whatever reactions, it is useful, again and again, to explain and reiterating to UAE Foreign Minister and his collegues, associates and pals that three mini Islands in the Persian Gulf is an inseparable parts of our territory. So for Iranian Government these islands have not been and will never ever be negotiable, let alone are discussed in an unrelated forum. It seems, however, this has not made a few to realize these unavoidable facts. It needs to remind them, time and again, that the dossier of three Islands has gone to dead archives for decades. How on earth any country is willing or can negotiate and compromise on some inseparable parts of its territory? For his further knowledge, UAE Foreign Minister is expected to seek the records of this in dead archives.

Meanwhile, it is worthy to note the manner UAE Foreign Minister has made his statements. In the joint press conference the minister said that he had discussed the issue with his German counterpart and also shared his concerns with US Secretary of State John Kerry a few days before when the latter visited Abu Dhabi. Taking the most of the occasion, he had expressed to Mr. Kerry   his concerns on the security of the region as well as that of neighboring countries'. However, he has not elaborated who threatens the security of the region?! He probably has asked these two powers to discuss the matter with Iran probably on his behalf from, of course, from a high position! Certainly UAE Foreign Minister has to be quite aware that the ongoing nuclear talks are far too different from those of Versailles's 80 years ago and Turkemanchai two centuries before; and he has not to mistake it for them. In the former, the victors of the WI discussed the spoils of war and during the latter a defeated country was forced to yield some parts of her territory to the bullying power.

Nowadays, however, everything has changed. The UAE Foreign Minister is definitely so experienced and aware to understand that the  era the big powers could occupy other countries' lands (being either weak or defeated in a war) and militarily separate them from the mainland are over, let alone a small country based on unfounded  and illegal and groundless claims, can force a country ,which is  many times as much bigger , to give away some parts of its territory.UAE Foreign Minister knows well  that now  five powers , being  several time bigger  and stronger , are sitting on one side of the table and Iran  by its own on the other  to negotiate and is trying most to resolve an issue that serve the best of our national interests.UAE Foreign Minister should know that in spite of the problems caused by   the imposed sanctions ,which are  pretty unfair and unjustified, on our country  and our people, they could not make  this country kneeled . For that, those big powers find it more reasonable to negotiate with Iran (perhaps they have come to this conclusion that there is no other choice). Those powers have certainly gathered that the language of sanctions and force would not work out anymore.

Now, what UAE Foreign Minister is talking about and to whom? Perhaps he had imagined that in the present perplexed world there is a possibility to make the wrong water and catch fish. This, however, can no longer be true. Because there is not either any wrong water or possibility to catch fish from it. Since the people of all nations are quite alert and aware of their rights and will not hesitate to defend it .The Minister would rather to take care of more important affairs of state and do not waste his time pondering on indistinct matters. We do have a proverb in Farsi saying: May you not disgrace you and don't make problems for us.

*Abdolreza Ghofrani is a retired career diplomat and Senior International and Economic Expert

Source: Kherad

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