Turkey-Kurds War Not to Benefit Anybody

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Interview with Nazem Dabbagh
Representative of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in Iran

A mere spark was all it took to scuttle a peace for which years of incessant endeavors had been made. Last Saturday, (July 25, 2015), Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) announced the termination of the cease-fire that this Kurdish group had declared with the Turkish government, adding that it would start its war against the government in Ankara anew. During recent days, Turkey has targeted various areas on the Iraqi soil, where PKK forces were positioned, while at the same time announcing that it has officially and practically joined the US-led anti-ISIS coalition. However, Turkey has not yet drawn a clear line for its fight against terrorism. According to remarks made by Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey currently considers ISIS terrorists on the same par with Kurds that live on its soil. In the following interview with Mr. Nazem Dabbagh, representative of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region in Iran, the consequences of the termination of Turkey-PKK cease-fire have been discussed.

Q: PKK has announced that it will put an end to the cease-fire with the Turkish government. What consequences this development could have for both sides?

A: On the whole, noncompliance with the cease-fire is a negative development and violation of the cease-fire by either side will certainly lead to conflicts between the two sides. Turkey has been carrying airstrikes against the positions of PKK and this issue can provide a practical excuse for noncompliance with the cease-fire. However, it should be noted that war will not lead to positive results and the two sides should return to the negotiating table in order to solve their problems and avoid war because it would be a futile measure.

Q: Turkey has announced that it will join the anti-ISIS coalition. What is your opinion about this issue?

A: I believe that Turkey has been finally forced to go to war with ISIS because all evidence showed that the recent bomb attack in Turkey’s Kurdish region has been carried out by ISIS. There is no doubt that after completing its mission in Iraq and Syria, ISIS will change direction toward Turkey. The threat of ISIS is not simply posed to Iraq and Syria, but it is a threat to the entire region and the world. However, Ankara is possible to use ISIS as a tool to suppress Kurds in Turkey and Syria.

Q: So, Turkey makes no differentiation between ISIS and PKK?

A: It makes no difference to Turkey. This is true because in the same way that Ankara considers ISIS as a terrorist group, it also sees PKK in the same light and is targeting PKK under the pretext of fighting terrorism. However, a more clear definition of terrorism must be offered in order to make a differentiation between Kurds and ISIS.

Q: What would be the consequences of a possible conflict between PKK and the government of Turkey?

A: This has happened before and we have already seen its consequences. However, today, we must all be united in any way possible in order to be able to defeat terrorists.

Q: Will the termination of cease-fire between Turkey and PKK be an end to peace and tranquility for the region?

A: I think that this development will lead to many big problems and will put an end to the peaceful situation that has governed Kurdish regions of Turkey during the past year.

Q: Don’t you think that the termination of the cease-fire will provide ISIS with an opportunity to continue its advances in various parts of Syria?

A: These conflicts will undoubtedly provide ISIS with such opportunity. A possible conflict between the government of Turkey and PKK will certainly facilitate the march of ISIS toward Kurdish regions of Syria and will greatly weaken the positions of Kurds in these regions.

Q: In case of conflict between PKK and the government in Turkey, what would be the position of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region on this issue?

A: The Iraqi Kurdistan Region has always sought peace, stability, security, calm and negotiations for peace, and this region will never enter into this war. However, if this conflict actually happens, one of the regions that will certainly be harmed by the conflict would be the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

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Source: Etemad Newspaper
Translated By: Iran Review.Org

*Photo Credit: RT

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