Trump's Regime Is Reincarnation of Saddam’s Regime

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Mehdi Zakerian
The recent speech by the secretary of state of Donald Trump's regime, which was addressed to a group of people who were claimed to be Iranian-Americans, proved that this regime has lost hope in getting the support of the Iranian people. Mike Pompeo has been forced to make recourse to people who claim that they represent the Iranian people outside the country. Trump's regime has already made itself a subject of hatred in Iran due to the measures it has so far taken. Even among the majority of expatriate Iranians, this regime’s officials are considered as irrational and notorious politicians. Naturally, the US secretary of state has no other place, but among a small group of people who want to snatch the power in Iran at any price. Among this group, nobody should expect remarks to be made on the basis of rationality and logic. The thing that is currently of importance to the Iranian people is that their economic and livelihood situation has been plagued with more problems due to the measures taken by Trump’s regime since he withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran, or the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Iranian people clearly witnessed that the JCPOA caused some degree of improvement in their life and livelihood.

Trump's behavior and his irrational measures have caused problems for Iran's economy, development and industry. Of course, it must not be thought that there were no managerial problems or economic hardships before the JCPOA or without relation to the JCPOA, but Trump's behavior not only has failed to help solve those problems, but also added to Iranians’ livelihood, economic and financial problems. The Iranian nation is the foremost party to be at loss because of what Trump has done so far. Under these conditions, the Iranian people have no reason to believe claims and allegations by Trump or other officials in his administration. Withdrawal from the JCPOA was not the sole anti-Iran measure taken by the boss of Mr. Pompeo, which increased Iranians’ pessimism toward Trump's regime.  His previous measure in listing Iranians among foreign nationals, who could not enter the United States, was another measure that directly targeted the Iranian people. At the present time, Iranian citizens who want to meet with their family members in the United States cannot obtain a visa on Trump's order. Due to what Trump did, Iranian people have lost the right to obtain a visa and enter the United States and have been also stripped of their right to travel to America solely because they are Iranians. Trump is the person who openly used a fake and unreal name for the Persian Gulf in an official speech. Now what is his secretary of state trying to defend? How can he claim that he is concerned about the Iranian people while the administration that he serves has not only deprived Iranians of their rights due to their nationality, but does not give a damn about their history, culture, territorial integrity and independence.

During the same speech in which he clearly insulted the culture and history of the Iranian nation and used a fake name for the Persian Gulf, Mr. Pompeo’s boss called Iranians terrorists. Such a clear insult against the Iranian nation is enough to make any Iranian lose the smallest bit of trust that they might have had in what such politicians say. It would surprise me if any Iranian would have been ready to take part in Pompeo’s speech and hail what he said. Even if any in this group claims that he holds an Iranian birth certificate, there is no doubt that being Iranian is not in their blood and their nationality is limited to a few pages of their passports and birth certificates. Otherwise, a real Iranian would not remain silent in the face of the followers of a person who uses a fake name for the Persian Gulf, calls Iranian people terrorists, promises to impose the most difficult economic sanctions on the Iranian people, and deprives ordinary Iranian citizens – not government officials, but all ordinary Iranian nationals – of the right to meet with their children and relatives.

Is there any difference between what Trump and his administration does and what the former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, did? When a person called Saddam Hussein decided to invade Iran, not only Iranians following various religious faiths rose up to defend the interests of the nation and their soil, but even prisoners, those who were known as counterrevolutionaries and even those who had taken part in a foiled military coup against the Islamic Republic, got in line to defend the soil and people of Iran. What Trump's regime is doing today is no different from what Saddam Hussein did in the early year after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Not only Iranians do not deserve to be exposed to such an onslaught by Trump's regime in the United States, but the Iranian government has done nothing wrong to deserve it either. With regard to the implementation of the JCPOA, not only the International Atomic Energy Agency and the other five countries who signed this agreement with Iran did not have any grievances about performance of Iran, but even Trump and his administration did not have any legal and logical argument for withdrawing from this deal. Is this a reward for the Iranian people because of their compliance with their commitments? It is strange that by addressing a group of apparently mercenaries, Pompeo believes that he can win support of the Iranian people and make his voice heard by them. Did the Iranian people hear Saddam Hussein’s voice even though he managed to bring together a small group of so-called Iranians around him? Didn’t Saddam bring members of the Mojahedeen Khalq Organization together around him? Didn’t he took their leader, Massoud Rajavi, to Iraq? What was the result? He only caused more hatred of the Iranian people toward that group due to their hypocrisy and their taking sides with the enemy. The final result was strengthening of unity and solidarity of the Iranian nation in the face of the enemy.

Likewise, the Iranian nation will not hear the voices of Trump and Pompeo, because they have attacked Iran like Saddam Hussein, have deprived Iranians of their interests and rights, have behaved illogically and have attacked the Iranian people as well. The United States could have gained good credit among the Iranian people. I do not say this as a university teacher and an expert in international relations, but as an ordinary Iranian citizen. Many Iranian people liked America and Americans, but the performance of Trump and his administration is totally destroying the credit of the United States. You listen to any ordinary Iranian citizens and they will ask you what is going on in America? Why such a person is their president? Why this country is behaving so irrationally? Right after the Iranian people elected an administration through a democratic process, which is interested in cooperation with the world, is moderate and logical, is ready to talk and negotiate with all countries in the world, and even after tough negotiations remains committed to its promises, a group rises to power in the United States that takes an aggressive positon and without any reason, calls Iranians terrorists and deprives them of their rights. Did Iranians export Wahhabism to the world? In this tumultuous region, Iranians have managed to keep extremist and terrorist groups at bay and even if there are few members of Daesh among them, they have changed under the influence of the ideas exported by Saudi Arabia and other US allies.


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