The Normal Course of Iran's Nuclear Program

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization has said that all remaining issues with UN nuclear agency will be resolved by late March, 2008.

Reza Aqazadeh also said that the current cooperation between Iran and the IAEA to resolve outstanding questions and the first Russian shipment of fuel to the Bushehr Power Plant indicate the normal course of the nuclear program.

Aqazadeh added that the current international circumstances denote a discussion of Iran's nuclear program at the UN Security Council would be meaningless.

Thanks to Iran's cooperation with IAEA, the shipment of fuel to the Bushehr Power Plant will have a remarkable impact on the situation.

He pointed to the cooperation between Tehran and Moscow, saying that Russia is one of the members of the 5+1 Group and a veto-wielding member of the UN Security Council.

When Russia acknowledges the IAEA finding that there is no sign of diversion in the Iranian nuclear program and that Tehran continues to cooperate with the UN nuclear agency in line with safeguards and international regulations, there will remain no obstacle for commissioning the 20,000 megaWatt Bushehr plant, Aqazadeh said.

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