The Frontiers of Iran

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Active ImageCompiled and Published By: Tehran International Studies and Research Institute (TISRI)

Frontiers and territories have been usually causes of conflicts and insecurity in international relations, especially in West Asia. Iran, which is surrounded by, at least, 15 countries, has the highest number of neighboring countries and this has added to its territorial and border concerns.

Iran neighbors 15 countries and has a total of 8,755 km of common borders with them. “Depth of border” varies from 60 km with Pakistan, 45 km with Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, to 75 km along southern Iranian shores. According to international treaties, people living in border areas can travel to the other side of the border after completing administrative formalities and getting a permit from the police force.

Iran has the longest borders with Iraq compared to other neighboring countries. The shortest border exists between Iran and Armenia. The existing political borders of Iran are divided into northern, eastern, western, and southern borders. Iran’s border with Turkey is among the most sensitive borders.

Turkey straddles Asia and Europe. At present, four centuries after conclusion f Zohab or Qasr-e Shirin accord, the border between Iran and Turkey is a friendly border as is the case with Iran’s border with Armenia. In other words, Iran is currently facing no threat through its border with Armenia. It should, however, be noted that there are still radical political factions in Armenia which look upon certain border areas with Iran and some cities in East and West Azarbaijan provinces as important parts of “Greater Armenia” and the government of Armenia has never taken a decisive step to curb such extremist viewpoints.

The situation of Iran’s borders with Turkmenistan and Afghanistan is another subject which has been discussed in this book.

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Study of the Situation along Iran – Turkmenistan Border

Chapter II: Study of the Situation along Iran – Turkey Border

Chapter III: Study of the Situation along Iran – Armenia Border

Chapter IV: Study of the Situation along Iran – Afghanistan Border

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