The Repetition of Old Sarcastic Story of Three Islands

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Abdolreza Ghofrani
Former Senior Diplomat and International Analyst

In the Arab Foreign Ministers Conference in Cairo last week the old sarcastic issue has been repeated that is the clear interference in internal affairs of Iran. Arab Foreign Ministers, irrelevantly and untimely raised the issue of the Islands in Persian Gulf.

These words and these claims were not new and are the repetition of previous baseless statements, and so, there is no need to be thoroughly reopened. It is good that Iran's foreign Ministry spokeswoman have properly reacted to these irritating statements. However to make clearer more to public opinion of the region and eventually the world, it sounds necessary to address, in brief, the issue again.

Anyone with a commonsense and rational international mindset will interpret this nothing but either a sarcastic comments or may figure out that there are still some not fully in the picture of international trends. Whatever reactions, it is useful, again and again, to explain and reiterate to Arab Foreign Ministers and their associates and pals that three mini Islands in the Persian Gulf is an inseparable parts of our territory. So for the Iranian Government these islands have not been and will never ever be negotiable. It seems, however, this has not made a few to realize these unavoidable facts. It needs to remind them, time and again, that the dossier of three Islands has gone to dead archives for decades. How on earth any country is willing or can negotiate and compromise on some inseparable parts of its territory? For further knowledge, some Foreign Ministers are expected to seek the records of this in dead archives.

It is anybody guesses that Arab world is now being exposed several other vital and important issues that they need to give more time and energy to resolving them and not wasting their time to seek in dusty old archives. It is unfortunate that the only beneficiary of raising these irrelevant and unnecessary issues is only Israel. It seems in their final statements, the Arab Foreign Ministers, instead of addressing the more important issues they face, being instigated by some certain countries, have included this damned baseless issue in their so called communiqué paper.

Certainly Arab Foreign Ministers have to be quite aware that time when territories of other countries could be negotiable or separated from their mainland has been over decades ago. The times when 80 years ago in Versailles a country was divided and some parts of its territory separated are no longer acceptable in terms of international laws.

Nowadays, however, everything has changed. The Arab Foreign Ministers are definitely so experienced and aware to understand that even the big powers could not occupy other countries' lands (being either weak or defeated in a war) and militarily separate those from the mainland.

It is quite advisable to some Arab states either in the Persian Gulf or in the Middle East to restrain from rekindling crisis and beware not to be instigated by others to do so. Because this region now has enough problems or in better words calamities that can turn it rapidly  into a flashpoint ,the situation that only serve Israelis interests. So it is for them to address the issues that concern their vital interests and refrain overloading their agenda and interfering in other countries internal affairs.

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