The Euromoney Iran Conference 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Euromoney will run its second Euromoney Iran Conference in Paris on Thursday 8 February 2018, co-hosted by Bank Makarzi. 

Two years after Implementation Day, Euromoney will once again bring together Iranian bankers and industrial leaders with their international counterparts to discuss and debate the key issues around Iran’s reintegration into the global economy.

The conference will highlight successes in the banking sector so far, the international correspondent banking relationships achieved and the cross border trade finance which is on-going. We will examine the on-the-ground realities of regulation and compliance of Iranian banks and corporates.

The Euromoney Iran conference will showcase the vast investment opportunities which Iran offers in capital markets, oil and gas, aviation, automotive, tourism and insurance.

Given the timeliness of the event, our audience will benefit from gaining clarity on the diverging US/European positions. This is an essential conference for anyone involved with and interested in Iran’s finance and investment landscape.



*Photo Credit:  IRNA


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