Terrorists fumbling with firecrackers won't impact Iranian nation's willpower

Saturday, June 10, 2017


On the twelfth day of the blessed Ramadan month, a group of students and representatives from university student associations, across the nation, met with Ayatollah Khamenei.

At this meeting Ayatollah Khamenei held, "The Iranian people are moving forward, and today’s fumbling with firecrackers will not affect the will-power of the people. Everyone must realize this, the terrorists are too small to affect the will of the Iranian people and the authorities'. This also reveals that if the Islamic Republic had not resisted, at the center of all this conspiracy, we would have had much more trouble of this sort in the country. God willing, they will "bite the dust."

The Leader of the Revolution today, while meeting a group of university students stated regarding the controvesial 2030 agenda that: The question of independence is extremely important. UNESCO's 2030 document fits this category. Some say they showed reservation, or they said that they did not agree on some parts: No, this is not the matter. Even if, we assume that there is no example of evident contradiction to Islam, which is not the case... I still say the country’s educational framework should not be written outside of this country.

This evening, for the first time, an Iraqi student represented foreign students in Iran and took the podium to speak.


*Source: Khamenei