Terrorism an International Phenomena, Needs a Global Challenge

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Abdolreza Ghofrani
Former Senior Diplomat and International Analyst

The Author, like millions of world people, was shocked by horror terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday 13 November 2015. A devil and cowardice group of terrorists easily took the lives of hundreds of innocent people. They did just to fulfill their inhuman wishes, and left a nation grieving, although deepened the abhorrence of the world opinion with their criminal genocide actions. In these sad and hard days my heart is with the French people and specially families of the victims and I pray God for their patience.

Now that the people of France as well as the whole world is still in shock of this shameless crime, it may not sound fair to discuss other issues related to this criminal and fatal act and  as well as the causes and roots of terrorism as a whole. It, however, goes without saying that this horrendous phenomenon no longer has anything to do with time and place. To attain its inhuman objectives, terrorism does not hesitate resorting to any means but speeds up its activities. To deal with this deadly process, it is quite rational not to waste any time, whatsoever, to get something done about it. Because now terrorism has gained momentum with horrible international and deadly perilous dimensions. Therefore, far too serious actions are quite unavoidable on the part of the whole world. It is pretty regrettable that the countries now being targeted by terrorists are those who willy-nilly helped them or at least fan the flames of the crisis.

Just one year ago Iranian president, Dr. Hassan Rouhani in an occasion wisely and farsightedly warned those countries assisting ISIS that the time would come soon when their actions backfire. Unfortunately it now has come true. Now that a big and powerful country such as France can be a soft target and vulnerable for terrorists, it is not unexpected that other countries, especially the weak ones in the Middle East, are much more accessible goals for the terrorists. It is deeply deplorable that there are some, among these countries, either in crisis stricken ME or some other parts of the world, that have had provided the terrorists with financial, military and ammunition assistance and even have equipped them with highly sophisticated systems of warfare. Certainly these countries should now account for the present critical situation as well as for enforcing this gloomy group.

The terrorists, now, do not know frontiers, friends, enemy or big and medium powers, and it is worthy to claim that they have aimed the whole world and the peoples of all nations. So this ominous phenomenon has gained international horrified dimensions. Therefore, an international mechanism to lift this dilemma and eventually uproot this, is quite indispensable, and requires a vital hasty international ways and means. So, in this, so to speak, crusade, all countries of the world have no choice but need to have their fair and active share. In this process, undoubtedly, the international interests, either being political or economic and so on, should eclipse national interests of all countries because the international security is now at stake. For, it is quite possible there may be some states that, for their political or economic interests, purposely make arms sales and financial aids to some groups, and it is quite possible that eventually they themselves be the victims .Unfortunately there have been the same cases over past several decades.

Having all this in mind, firstly all countries of the world under the guise of the United Nations should unanimously make their best attempts to fight the terrorism, although they may naturally have disputes among themselves. In the past, of course, United Nations have adopted resolutions to fight terrorism, most of them, however, have not been either executed, or have been just passed for some certain political goals and not seriously for combating the gloomy terrorism. Unfortunately, those resolutions have been adopted against some countries that they are themselves the victims of terrorism. Nowadays the situation is quite different. The international terrorism is blind and aimless, just seeking for victims, destruction and devastation. Therefore, the Security Council of United Nations should not restrict itself to adopting just a few resolutions to condemn one or some states for harboring terrorism. Its objective by adopting any resolution or taking any measure should be essentially fighting and uproots this ominous dilemma. Undoubtedly this requires a collective action and cooperation on the part of all nations.

Next step is that all countries and states be quite vigilant in their arm sales. They have to be more obsessive and careful as far as the end users of the arms are concerned. In other words they should not provide other countries and the groups with arms and ammunitions merely for probable political and economic goals and benefits. The resolutions of Security Council of the United Nations should be passed and enforced to achieve that goal, making its resolutions and compulsory for all member states. Certainly this needs a much more powerful international body and all countries should do their best, more than before, to uphold the world body.

More important step is that all countries be careful not to let their citizens be hunted and trapped by terrorist groups. Because now it has become quite clear that a large number of the members of ISIS are among the different nationals not only from the Middle East countries but also Europe and America. These naïve citizens are easily cheated out by terrorist groups' leaders who have mostly psychic problems. Hence the laws of the countries for these citizens must be very strict.

If all the countries (specially the big powers) have real intention and will to make the world a safe place and the people secured, their unanimous and serious cooperation in attempting to combat the terrorism is vital and unavoidable. Otherwise, they have to expect the repetition of Paris disaster (as it had happened 14 years earlier in New York on September 11), and probably this time around it may be their own turn, no matter they are powerful or week, rich or poor because now everyone is vulnerable and not safe. By and large any collective action merely should focus on combating this gloomy terrorism without political consideration. Naturally it is then that less innocent people will be victims and the world will be relatively a safer place to live.

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