Ten More Years of IAEA Reports on Iran Will Say the Same

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Narges Moballeghi’s Interview with Ali Asghar Soltaniyeh

On September 15, the UN nuclear watchdog released a report, in which it confirmed the 'non-diversion' of the country's nuclear activities. After the release, Press TV conducted the following exclusive interview with Iran's ambassador to the IAEA, Ali Asghar Soltaniyeh.

Press TV: Ambassador, how do you assess the latest report by the International Atomic Energy Agency on Iran's nuclear program?

Soltanieh: Well, this report again reconfirms the previous reports namely that the agency is able to continue its verification activities and the result is that they have not found any evidence of diversion of nuclear material or nuclear activities to prohibited purposes. I can say in 10 more years of IAEA reports the message will continuously be the same. All the activities would remain peaceful and exclusively for peaceful purposes. This report is, of course, a report on the activities regarding the enrichment and other activities in Iran. The agency clearly reflects the fact that everything is under IAEA surveillance.

Press TV: Despite this, we have some Western countries still accusing and persisting that Iran is diverting nuclear material. Why is that?

Soltanieh: The other six outstanding issues have been resolved and this has been reported by the director general. Regarding the so-called alleged studies, we have to inform that we, in fact, agreed with the IAEA last August on a modality called Work Plan so that both sides clearly know their obligations.

The agency was obliged to deliver the documents, but the Americans prevented them from doing so. However, Iran in 117 pages gave its response and its assessment, proving that all these allegations are baseless and forged, and I want to say that, according to the Work Plan, we have done our obligation and this has to be concluded and now, in fact, the safeguard has to be implemented in a routine manner.

The situation we are in now is that Iran is well-prepared as usual to cooperate and continue its cooperation with the IAEA to answer questions, if there are any questions, in a routine environment and this matter should be taken in serious consideration.

We are not going, in fact, to accept any expectation or request beyond our legal obligation and particularly beyond the Work Plan, which we have already implemented. This is our position as we have said, and we expect the international community to consider this very positive message that in the most inclusive inspection in the history of the IAEA, there is again a report that there is no evidence of diversion and all activities have remained peaceful. This is a strong positive message from the International Atomic Energy Agency - which is the pertinent international organization.


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