Tehran rejects enrichment freeze

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini has said the Islamic Republic of Iran will never accept suspension of uranium enrichment.

He said the German weekly 'Focus' has published an interview with Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani in an 'inappropriate' way.

Focus has quoted Larijani as saying suspension of enrichment as the outcome of the talks will not be out of the question.

"As Iran's top nuclear negotiator has told Focus, suspension of enrichment will never be acceptable as the outcome of the talks," Hosseini said.

"Tehran will continue its peaceful nuclear activities. Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency will keep on negotiating based on mutual agreements"., said Hosseini, adding "So, unlike comments by certain individuals, there is no special situation in the country."

The spokesman noted that the next round of talks between Larijani's Deputy for International Affairs Javad Vaeedi and the IAEA Safeguards Chief Olli Heinonen would be held on August 20.  

The Foreign Ministry official stated that a technical delegation from the IAEA are scheduled to arrive in Tehran Monday to hold talks with Iranian authorities on the country's Natanz nuclear site.

On differences between the US and the European Union on imposing more sanctions against Iran, he said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that sanctions will not make a country and a nation give up their inalienable rights."

Hosseini expressed hope Europe would continue its realistic approach and not let the US implement its unilateral policies.