Sweet Taste of High Election Turnout and Majority Vote

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ali Akbar Abdolrashidi 

Active ImagePresidential elections will be held next Friday to elect the tenth president of the Islamic Republic of Iran. People, especially the youth, are showing special enthusiasm to take part in the polls and it is expected to be a new page in political and social developments of Iran.

Undoubtedly, apart from a limited period after the Constitutional Revolution, our country has just experienced democracy and voting during the past 30 years and elections in Iran are held through good organization which is a sign of respect for the rules of democracy as a pleasant political and social tradition. Those rules are observed more strictly in any election compared to its predecessor.

However, attention should be paid to two important matters. Firstly, the vote of majority should be respected and we must be ready to accept the result even if it were not what we expected.

In some countries where democracy is deeply rooted, the first person to congratulate an election winner is his rival. That congratulation is currently accompanied by a special protocol and special ceremony.

No election is the end of a society’s life, but it is the beginning of a new era of political and social life for that society. If the election results are not in favor of our candidate, we should look forward to the next election and avoid angry reactions which will cast doubt on legitimacy of our party and deprive our candidates of valuable votes that they would need in the next election.

We must accept that the winner is the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran and not a rival anymore. He is the winner of the presidential race and head of the executive branch that should be respected for his legal character. Part of the respect for him is respect for final election returns.

Perhaps it would be good if we followed suit with the international protocol and according to which announcement of the winner’s name is accompanied by a congratulation message from his rival. It would be even better if that message is published before final results are announced. Such a behavior will increase legitimacy of our political system and will make our people more interested in it.

I emphasize on this point now that nobody knows about final election results. Respect for the majority vote should be turned into an acceptable fact. We must be aware and refrain from casting doubt on the results and questioning integrity of the election as part of the psychological war which has been already launched to dissuade people.

I reiterate that a low election turnout is the aspiration of our enemies. Does anybody have any doubt about that? Regardless of who will become the president, he needs all-out support of all Iranians in order to counteract major domestic and international challenges.

The nuclear issue has not reached a conclusive result yet and we are surrounded by terrorists on four sides. Our president should take part in the management of the region by being present in related arrangements which cover a region from Hindu Kush Mountains to the Euphrates. Our president should defend our people’s rights at international bodies; he should take strides to realize the goals of the 20-Year Vision Plan; he should encourage foreign investment. Our next generations need jobs and good earning just in the same way that our industry, our trade, our agriculture and our everyday life needs to be more prosperous. Our president has to undertake tens of important domestic and international missions and be ready to fulfill them.

The result of all the above facts will go back to the Iranian people; both those who live within Iran’s borders and those who are outside, but have kept their emotional, economic, or cultural bonds with their homeland.

Who can say that they don’t need to vote? Who is entitled to forgo their right to vote and refrain from taking part in the election?

The destiny of all the Iranians and their future generations hinges on the success of our president to fulfill his missions in the best possible manner and it is through our vote that we will secure the right to hold our officials accountable.

Every vote to any candidate is as valuable as the votes of the whole nation. In fact, every vote is valuable. Every single vote is part of the majority vote and it is the collection of those votes which determines the outcome of the election.

We are thinking about the sweet taste of a majority vote.

Source: Ettelaat Newspaper
Translated By : Iran Review