Sound of Music Goes on Stage in Iran

Friday, October 25, 2013


A group of theater performers have brought the classical “Sound of Music” to the stage in Iran, creating a new wave of theater in the country.



The group of young and energetic performers performed the first opera in Iran since 1979 and is now performing the first musical in Persian.



The Sound of Music is one of the most watched musicals and a Broadway production. It has won five Academy Awards, becoming one of the highest-grossing films of all-time.



This movie, dubbed in many languages, brings back memories for many of the audience in Iran. Many of its songs from the musical have become standards and the organizers in Iran hope to set a new standard for musical performance in the country.



“The opera ensemble is trying to open new path in the art of this country so that we can make use of the famous Western works in Iran and to show our audience these famous works that are now historic pieces,” opera ensemble producer, Ali Mirmohammadi, said.



The Sound of Music’s story is based on the memoir of Maria von Trapp, the story of the Trapp Family Singers and their finale performance at the Salzburg Music Festival.



“I think this is a new happening. The real thing is a musical going on stage for the first time. I hope this will continue and other famous works will be acted out here,” Alireza Nasehi theatre actor said.



The music usually enjoys a complete orchestra but as this concept is still new in Iran, they started off with a smaller team.



“Because of the lack of time and sponsors, while we would needed an orchestra of at least 90 musicians, I've arranged this piece for a piano and a string quintet. The group has good singers and I'm pleased that this is happening in our dear country,” Bardia Kiaras, orchestra conductor, said.



The actors have been practicing for a year to go on stage. However, what makes it harder for them is that this is being held for the first time.


*Photo Credit: Fars News & Mehr News

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