Shekarestan: Sweet Iranian Animation

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Shekarestan is an Iranian animation presenting Persian proverbs and folk tales; it has won prizes in many international festivals.



The animation center of Hoze Honari (an institute affiliated with Iran’s ministry of Culture devoted to promote the arts), Saba Animation Center and Iran state TV channel 2 have produced Shekarestan animation in 121 episodes so far.



Hoze Honari CEO Masoud Safavi said that using Iranian elements, from illustration, music and content, was one of the features of this animation, familiar to the Iranian public.



There are harmonies among the cultural elements of this animation which promote the quality of this work of art.



Safavi added that Shekarestan was the 1st national animation and its characters became so popular that dolls and stationeries were made from them for the children.



Changui Chinese Film Festival, Giffoni Film Festival of Italy, International Children's Film Festival of India, and Silk Road Film Festival of Ireland showed some episodes of Shekarestan.



Shekarestan is a cutout animation in 3D MAX software directed by Babak Nazari and Saeed Zameni while Morteza Ahamdi narrates the story. The animation imparts the mood and atmosphere of Iran’s historical Islamic cities with characters clad in traditional attire.



Each episode features a separated story, narrating dramatic stories based on Persian proverbs and folk tales with a modern view.

Source: Mehr News Agency

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