Security Council and Iran's Nuclear Dossier

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Iran's FM calls on UN Secretary General Ban Ki -Moon to end the illegal meddling of the Security Council in Iran's nuclear dossier.

Mottaki said that reporting Iran's nuclear case to the UN Security Council was against the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), particularly Article 12 Clause 3 of the NPT, in the first place.

"In this article, IAEA inspectors are tasked with determining whether a country has fulfilled its obligations under the NPT, and any deviations should be reported by the International Atomic Energy Agency's chief to the Board of Governors,” he added.

“That is while the UN nuclear watchdog's chief Mohamed ElBaradei has acknowledged Iran's non-deviation from peaceful purposes, and he has come under fire from US and Israeli officials and media,” he said.

Mottaki called on the West to let the IAEA perform its tasks free from political pressures.

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