Saudis not affording least help to regional peace in past turbulent years :Spokesman

Monday, March 27, 2017

During the past turbulent years, Saudi Arabia, as a regional player, did not offer the least contribution to restoration of peace and stability in the region, Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Friday.

Qasemi made the remarks in reaction to Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabias deputy crown prince recent claims in a meeting with the US Defense Secretary, James Mattis.

Saudi Arabia supported the terrorist groups in Syria and initiated regrettable wars in Yemen and provoked war, instability and insecurity in the entire region, Qasemi noted.

He termed the Saudi defense ministers diplomacy as fabricated and hallucinatory and said the diplomacy has gone to the extent that he is one of the main orchestrators of Saudi war on the innocent and defenseless people of Yemen, while being the manifestation of terror and horror in Syria, Bahrain and other countries of the region and the world.
He noted that raising an irrelevant claim out of desparation, the Saudi official accused other countries in the region of supporting terrorism.

"We have underlined times and again that countering terrorism and trying to establish peace in the region is not possible without willing, cooperation and collective participation of regional countries; and in this path, as an active peace seeking agent, Iran is ready for any kind of regional and stabilizing cooperation."

He pointed to some regional states efforts for buying their security through paying petro-dollars and said that the history teaches the countries which are showing green light to foreign players to interfere in the region that they are making a big mistake.

Previous interferences of transregional countries and powers have had no achievement but unrest for the host countries, Qasemi noted.

He said that entrance of transregianol powers has always caused instability, division, spread of terrorism and violence and it has had no result in favor of people.

"The countries that seek foreign presence to save their countries are making a strategic mistake and they should know that regions stability and security has no solution but collective cooperation."


*Source: MFA


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