Saudi Arabia, Israel Atrocities Alienate Their Allies

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says atrocities by Saudi Arabia and Israel have worked to even alienate their own allies.

“As evidence from behind the scenes indicates, a sense of being fed up with and in fact disgusted at the policies of spreading terror and extremism by the Saudi regime has emerged in the entire world,” Foreign Minister Zarif said.

“Yet, political, economic, and military concerns and interests have caused some disaffected countries to stay silent or comment less on the matter,” he added.

“Saudi atrocities in Yemen and Israeli atrocities in the region have even caused their friends to complain,” he said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Zarif pointed to the recent rapprochement between Russia and Turkey, which has seen Ankara calling for a “clean slate” in its ties with Moscow. Their relations had been soured after Turkey’s move in November 2015 to shoot down a Russian jet over Syria.

“Further cooperation among regional countries will, for sure, be an auspicious development,” Zarif said, adding, “We believe that differences between the two neighbors of us were not to the benefit of either the region or us.”

“We are prepared to cooperate and share ideas with the two as important and influential countries regarding the affairs in Syria,” he said, stressing, however, that it is up to the Syrian people themselves to decide for their country.

The Iranian foreign minister also described Iran’s quick condemnation of the failed coup in Turkey in July as a “logical” one.

“It would not have been acceptable for a country in our neighborhood to face such a development, i.e. an attack on its democratic principles, and for us to be indifferent,” Zarif said.

The Iranian Foreign Minister has also warned of the threat of terror acts in the Middle East, urging an all-out campaign against terrorism and extremism.

“We do not believe in dichotomizing terrorism into good and bad forms and it is necessary to fight all extremist and Takfiri groups,” Zarif said.

*Photo Credit: Press TV

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