Rouhani’s UN Trip, Powerful Demonstration of Iran's Diplomatic Finesse

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Mehdi Sanaei
Director of Iran and Eurasia Research Center (IRAS)

If the recent trip to New York by the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his accompanying delegation, as well as the main goals and motivations underlying that trip are considered from a realistic point of view, it will be easy to see its main achievements as follows:

1. The first achievement was introducing the new president of the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as the policies and approaches adopted by his administration on international and regional levels to diplomatic and media circles of the world. This trip made it possible for many presidents and political officials in the world as well as relevant diplomatic missions to hear the voice of Iran. They were also offered with an opportunity to become familiar with the words and the foreign policy approach of the new Iranian president.

2. During his stay in New York, the Iranian president strongly defended the basic positions of the country as well as the main principles of Iran's foreign policy. In addition he put renewed emphasis on the rightful positions of Iran on regional and international issues. Rouhani also pointed to the fact that recourse by governments to unilateral approaches in international relations will be no more effective, noting that such unilateral approaches have only had untoward consequences for our region. They have also led to the spread of insecurity and instability in the region while fomenting various forms of radicalism. The Iranian president also appeared successful in defending the inalienable rights of the Iranian nation through his address to the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly.

3. Countering Iranophobia and depiction of a powerful, and still kind and flexible, image of Iran's diplomacy and foreign policy was the third major achievement of Rouhani’s trip. This was done to make up for the incessant onslaught against Iran during the past years which had created a negative media atmosphere against Iran on international level. Of course, the previous administration had taken a number of unnecessary positions on various issues which had provided the Western media with a good opportunity and pretext to create a negative propaganda atmosphere around Iran and the Iranian foreign policy in the world’s public opinion. The presence of the Iranian president and Iran's top diplomats, as well as various meetings held and dialogues used by the Iranian delegation, have drawn the world’s attention to rich civilizational, cultural, religious and ideological capacities of Iran more than other issues. It has helped to project a promising and vibrant image of Iran to the entire world. All these auspicious developments followed Iran's presidential elections on June 14, 2013, and have served to render many analyses offered by foreign analysts null and void. They also helped to demonstrate the capacities of religious democracy to the world people one more time and to present a clear and transparent image of Iran to the international community.

4. Another achievement of Rouhani’s trip to the United States was to take advantage of the UN session and meetings held on its sidelines to convey Iran's message for the establishment of peace and stability in the entire world. The Iranians also succeeded to depict Iran’s image as a country which seeks peace and supports stability in all international arenas. Fortunately, as a result of such efforts, the logic of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially with regard to the ongoing issues in the region, has once more triumphed and the rightfulness of Iran's stances has become evident to other countries more than any time in the past.

The failure of methods used by countries which give priority to unilateralism and intervention in internal affairs of other countries has also come into the limelight more than before. The current situation in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan clearly proves that Iran has done its best for the establishment of peace and stability in the region. Also, the existing conditions in Libya and Syria are also good evidence to the fact that interventions by the West in the Middle East have not been realistic and have led to no result but intensification of conflicts and stoking more instability. Today Iran, Russia, and China, are among countries which support peace and stability and avoid military conflict. Those countries which have been launching wars in the Middle East have not been able to achieve their desirable results. In fact, Iran presented its stability-seeking and peace-seeking logic to the best effect during the UN General Assembly session.

5. The trip also demonstrated professional capabilities and capacities of Iran's diplomatic apparatus to get engaged in negotiations. Negotiations between Iran and international players had been reduced to very low diplomatic levels in the past years. However, after the new Iranian administration entered talks with self-confidence and power, it was proven that the Iranian foreign policy is not only able to bank on the ideas of resistance [against global hegemony], but also make the most of its superior capability in conducting diplomatic negotiations. The conduct and actions taken by the Iranian diplomatic team have drawn intense attention from other diplomats across the globe. In the meantime, the capability of Iranian diplomats in addition to efforts made by them to purposefully proceed with their plans during their presence in New York, have elicited admiration from other diplomatic delegations attending the UN meeting.

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Source: Etemaad Newspaper
Translated By: Iran Review.Org

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