Rouhani in a phone call with his Azerbaijani counterpart:

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Iran welcomes cementing ties with Azerbaijan in all fields

Iranian President in a phone call with his Azerbaijani counterpart stressed that there are good opportunities for developing and deepening Tehran-Baku ties in energy, investment, transportation, trade and tourism.

During the phone call that was initiated by the Azerbaijani part, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes cementing relations with the Republic of Azerbaijan in all fields”.

Firm resolve by the two government and deep commonalities between the two nations have provided strong pillars for deepening and developing Tehran-Baku relations,” he continued.

Stating that there are no obstacles on the path of developing, economic, trade and cultural ties between the two countries, Rouhani added: “Quick implementation of agreements can further deepen mutual and regional cooperation”.

Describing the outlook of Tehran-Baku ties very bright, Rouhani expressed hope that with quick implementation of agreements between the two countries, the required bedrock for cooperation, especially in the fields of transit, energy and trade, be further formed.

On the need for a collective effort to fight terrorism and extremism and establishing more unity among Islamic countries, he said: “We all must try to eradicate the roots of extremism among people in Islamic countries”.

In the phone call, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev congratulated Rouhani’s re-election and described relations between the two countries developing, especially in the past four years which he described exceptional.

All agreements should be put into action, said Aliyev adding: “The required directives have been issued and Rasht-Astara railway will be signed and finalized soon”.

Expressing satisfaction over Iranian companies’ active role in Azerbaijan, he said: “We are determined to deepen relations with Tehran in all fields and this is what the two great Iranian and Azerbaijani nations want”.

On terrorism and regional cooperation, he said: “We are willing to develop our relations with Tehran in the field of regional stability and security and fighting extremism, violence and terrorism”.


*Source: ISNA