Researchers Produce Nano Powder to Facilitate Bone Healing

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Iranian researchers have used a bacterial species called serratia to produce hydroxyl apatite nano powder, which can be used to promote bone healing.

Babak Mostaghasi has been quoted as saying that hydroxyl apatite has many applications in medicine and dentistry, adding, “Nano structures of hydroxyl apatite enjoy better biocompatibility and mechanical properties compared to micrometric samples in human body. Their efficiency would be optimal when hydroxyl apatite particles are uniform in shape and demonstrate the least degree of agglomeration.”

He added that the nano powder has been produced using a local species of serratia which helps to produce hydroxyl apatite powder through sedimentation method which is more uniform than other samples that have been produced through other methods while showing less affinity for agglomeration.

The researcher noted that using bacteria to produce nano particles of hydroxyl apatite is an inexpensive and environment-friendly method which will lead to production of nano powder with optimal properties that is very similar to hydroxyl apatite deposited in human bones.

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