Researchers Invent Car Needless of Gas

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Iranian researchers have invented a new generation of micro-engines which has enabled them to produce cars that do not need gasoline. The project manager has noted that the German Benz Company has issued new warrants for the implementation of the project.

Bamshad Azizi, project manager, noted that fossil fuels will be finished in future and many countries are conducting studies aimed at manufacturing engines operating on electricity, solar energy, as well as hybrid and hydrogen-powered varieties.

Explaining about manufacturing electrical engines, he noted that these are new varieties of electronic engines which have special applications.

Azizi stated that the engine designed through the project is a micro-engine and noted that due to absence of a wire coil, they occupy less space and work on magnetic fields which are created at their poles. The engine will be then able to work without gasoline and through its electrical power.

The researcher mentioned increased output, simplification of electrical engines with similar applications, promoting use of such engines in related industries and developing local technology to produce electrical engines as the main goals of the project, adding, “This engine is produced according to a new technology, which in view of its many advantages, will bring about a major development in various industries. At the same time, it can help Iranian researchers to localize this technology,” he said.

Azizi stated that the project is still being studied at Basic Sciences Postgraduate Studies University of Zanjan in cooperation with students from Sharif University of Technology and Babol University of Technology.

“When finalized, a laboratory sample of the engine will be manufactured through supports provided by Ministry of Industries,” he said.

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