Promising Horizons and an Irreversible Way

Friday, February 14, 2014

Abdolreza Ghofrani

Over the past few weeks, Tehran has been the focus of global mass media. In other words there has been a heavy traffic to the capital. Several statesmen, diplomats, international well known figures, that is Kufi Annan and Dezmond  Toto in the Peace Mission, did visit Iran; and within the last few days a large French economic group arrived in Tehran for talks on economic and trade issues as well as for so called feasibility study of investments in Iran.

Moreover Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Zarif, as usual, had hectic schedules  and heavy agenda, which he himself has explained in his face book and have also been reported in domestic and global mass media. All this shows that coming months and years will be fraught with diplomatic, trade and economic activities and opportunities as well as challenges.

As the time goes by, the world appreciates more and more that having relations and interactions with Iran, provided that on equal footing and mutual respect, is not only to their best interests  and  to Iran as well, it simultaneously, accounts for a sustained stability in the crucial  region of the Persian Gulf  and eventually Middle East.

It now sounds that a kind of "positive pragmatism" is working out in the global arena. The past pessimism, misperceptions and ill-mannered behavior, probably being the cause of hindrance of the cooperation and understanding, are relatively fading away.

Even those, due to misperception and having misinformation of our country, who scornfully had developed an unreasonable enmity toward this country, now are realizing that it  could not  but conducive to undesirable international tensions, and as was put wisely and eloquently by Dr. Zarif  this just has led to "pointless crisis".

Fortunately, yet those, who once upon a time, were among the staunch advocates of hostile actions against Iran, particularly imposing unfair sanctions, now have changed their positions, and now firmly believe that those sanctions (and the new ones a few radicals are desperately pushing for it and delightfully are losing grounds) would adversely affect the situation. Former U.S. Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton was among the group of hawks. Reportedly in a letter to the Chairman of the Armed Forces Committee of US Senate, she has eloquently said that new sanctions would cause Washington to miss opportunities and facing new challenges.

We need to underline two points. First, as already mentioned, it has been verified that inflexible and a radical policy toward Iran has not worked notwithstanding the problems created for the latter. Second, an important factor is the public opinion in the United States. After  nearly  two decades  of useless  wars that did  take thousands  of lives of American boys and billions of dollar s  lost, now  the people of America  do not  long for  new adventurism  by any  administration. In fact now they are more concerned of the economy and give priority to their welfare. It goes without saying they vote for an administration that economic welfare tops its agenda. Admittedly, this will not be reached unless there is peace and stability not only in the United States but in every corner of the world and of course without American bouts in other lands. This is a dire fact that Obama administration and Democrats have fully apprehend. They do have two episodes over the next three years .The congress elections is due in November later this year and the presidential ticket for 2016. From now on Democrats want to make grounds for these two events because they are determined to reside in the White House and Capitol for two four- years' terms

Besides, European partners no longer are willing to unreservedly support   the US policies without their own interests are served. This may split the unity of either coast of Atlantic. Certainly it could be the core of Mrs. Clinton letter, who probably will be the candidate for Democrat Party in upcoming presidential elections. This also appears to be the conviction of several political circles in the States.

Having all this in mind, it is anybody's guess that in world today peace and calmness just serve the best interests of all nations. However there are a few who do not endure these circumstances, because they seek their interests in conflicts and crises. Fortunately their supporters are numbered.

As a member of international society, Iran expects every country to respect her sovereignty and independence of course do this upon mutual basis. We do not spare any effort to serve our best national interests within the international system and in line with global all- out accepted laws and standards. Iran is quiet conscious and mindful of the fact that she needs to have relations with all countries (except a few) and this is not in contrast with her independence and national interests. Last but not the least, new horizons are seen in the relations between Iran and international community which is promising and by and large the international community has set foot on an irreversible way. It is a way quite different from the past and requires understanding and cooperation on the part of all nations.

*Abdolreza Ghofrani is a retired career diplomat and Senior International and Economic Expert

Source: Kherad

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