Prohibition of nuclear weapons is built upon jurisprudential, logical foundations: Ayatollah Khamenei

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei

"The prohibition of nuclear weapons is built upon very important jurisprudential and logical foundations, but the opportunity to achieve other types of power are available to the nation and the state."
Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, held Dars-e Kharij this Tuesday morning on the anniversary of the 9th of Dey epic.

Referring to the enmity and grudge of arrogant powers against the authority of Islam and their efforts to eliminate the elements of power in the Islamic Republic, His Eminence described the 9th of Dey event as one of the examples of the Islamic Republic’s power, reiterating: “Today, the geometry of arrogant powers’ confrontation against the Islamic Republic is in the direction of eliminating the worldly and otherworldly power of the people of Iran and their willpower and determination. In order to confront this effort, this power should be preserved and strengthened on a daily basis.”

Quoting the Holy Prophet of Islam (God’s greetings be upon him and his household), the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that achieving happiness and bliss in human societies is only possible in the shade of enjoying power.

He added: “Arrogant powers such as America seek the happiness of society and what they refer to as ‘American values’ in accumulating wealth and dominating the world, but from the viewpoint of Islam, humanity’s happiness lies in achieving human perfection and the flow of Quranic thinking and action in all parts of society.”

Ayatollah Khamenei mentioned that the existence of a political system that originates from Islam, that enjoys power and that is influential in different regional matters is the reason why global powers show enmity and grudge, adding: “Global imperialism is opposed to every philosophy and orientation that is against oppression and discrimination in the world, but it confronts an orientation with all its power only when that orientation has managed to move the ocean of the people.”

His Eminence stressed that the reason why they hatch different plots and show various enmities against the Islamic Republic is its opposition towards global imperialism in Iran which enjoys numerous natural, human and economic resources, political ideas, logic and minbar, and efficient military tools and forces.

He reiterated: “Against these enmities, the Islamic Republic should increase its power. This is the reason why there is a continuous emphasis on increasing domestic power and strengthening the country from the inside.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stressed the necessity of being equipped with all forms of power – including intellectual, economic and social power and power resulting from popular Basij – adding: “When millions of people pour to the streets on the 22nd of Bahman despite the passage of 40 year from the Islamic Revolution, this is a sign of the power of the Islamic Republic which is manifested through popular Basij. This issue is unique in the world.”

Ayatollah Khamenei described the 9th of Dey as another example of the power of the Islamic Republic, saying: “No one forced that unique event. It was intellectual power – which forms the main essence of the Islamic Republic – that made the people take to the streets and create that unique event.”

His Eminence referred to the various tricks that the enemy uses in order to eliminate the elements of power in the Islamic Republic and stated: “The enemy is like a thief who wants to occupy your house, but he pretends as if the reason for his enmity is the weapon that the owner of the house has for defending himself. He says that if the owner drops his weapon, the fighting will be over. That is why he tries in a deceitful manner and by using all sorts of methods – including talking, joking, smiling and shouting – to disarm the owner so that he can enter the house.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution believes that happiness and misery lie in how one uses power. On the issue of power resulting from nuclear weapons, he said: “There are very important fiqhi and rational principles behind banning the use of nuclear weapons, but the possibility of endeavoring to achieve other forms of power are available to the government and to the people.”


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