Professor Roustaeian Is Recognized as Top Biology Researcher

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Professor Abdolhossein Roustaeian, full-time faculty member of the Islamic Azad University, Sciences and Research Unit, has been recognized as Iran’s top international researcher in the field of agricultural and biological sciences.

Professor Abdolhossein Roustaeian specializes in photochemistry and chemistry of natural compounds and has been recognized as top biological researcher by Scopus – Elsevier Seminar.

The seminar is among the biggest publishers of databank journals and electronic references in the field of sciences, engineering and medicine in the world and has already publishing more than 1,800 creditable scientific electronic journals.

In terms of diversity and importance of specialistic and scientific information, it gives unique coverage to basic sciences, technical and engineering fields, as well as biology, medicine, agriculture, economics and humanities.

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