President Rouhani Thanks Iranians for Massive Turnout in Elections

Sunday, February 28, 2016

President Hassan Rouhani in a message thanked the Iranian nation for their epic turnout in Iran's Assembly of Experts and parliamentary elections.

'The name of the Islamic Republic of Iran become more famous with the manifestation of the power to choose of the Iranian nation,' President Rouhani said in his message.

'The government of prudence and hope will make a covenant with anyone whose name will come out of the ballot box to help create a future full of hope and dignity for dear Iran and Iranians,' the Iranian president said.

President Rouhani said whatever will be the outcome of elections, the Islamic Republic of Iran will become more famous and the Islamic system, leadership and nation have won and the people of Iran have once again displayed their will and power to choose to empower the elected government and grant more credit to it.

'The competition came to an end and now it is time to open a new way through consensus and convergence of the nation and government and by relying on opportunities created from outside, to open a new chapter in the growth and flourishing of national economy,' he added.

President’s message is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

26 February 2016 has become lasting in beloved Iran’s history. The 10th parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections was an opportunity for the Islamic Iran’s authority to reveal itself and the great image of this loyal nation shine to the world like a shiny sun.

Congratulations to your efforts and high determination; and to love and pure emotions of you Iranians that embraced your dear Iran with loyalty by your conscious presence and empathy. I express my gratitude for your dynamic presence and bow in respect before your great souls and attempts. Today we all are cheerful and happy that Supreme Leader His Holiness Ayatollah Khamenei’s guidelines and invitations for extraordinary presence was realised.

This system has risen from leading and divine ideas of His Holiness Imam Khomeini (RA), ideals of a pious and noble nation, and Jihad and sacrifice of the great martyrs and veterans. And now your steps and pens on 26 February, following the same fervent path,generated another hope and further greatness and generated motivation for all servants to serve more.

Whatever the outcome of the elections is, it is the name of Iran which will be well-known; the system, the Supreme Leader, and the nation have won; and it is the Iranian nation that exhibited its will and power of choice again to give all the servants and especially the people-elected government more credibility and authority.

The competition is over; now it is time that we open a new path by empathy and unity of the nation and government and rely on domestic power and using foreign opportunities to open a new chapter in national economic growth and efflorescence.

I express my gratitude to all groups, tastes, and political figures and also candidates who made the competitions lively; and also the honourable Council of Guardians and Interior Ministry, executive and monitoring delegations, organs and institutions, media and information executives, and hard-working military and police forces who played a lively role in this honour and pride.

The Government of Prudence and Hope makes a vow to anybody whose name comes out of the ballot box to attempt to make a hopeful and graceful future for the dear Iranians.

Thanks to this great gift, we fall prostrate in worshipping God and we stand as respect in front of the great Iranian nation and salute you who are honour of Iran’s history.

Hassan Rouhani

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

26 February 2016

Source: IRNA,

*Photo Credit: ISNA

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