Persian Gulf Always ‘Persian’ Gulf, Not ‘Washington’ Gulf: President

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The Iranian president has underlined that the body of water to the south of Iran has been, and will always remain the “Persian Gulf” forever, not “Washington” Gulf or “New York” Gulf.

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday any other title than the “Persian” to be used for the Persian Gulf is untrue.

“And the Americans should know that this gulf is called the ‘Persian’ Gulf; it is not called the ‘New York’ Gulf or the ‘Washington’ Gulf. It is the ‘Persian Gulf’,” said President Rouhani.

“I congratulate a nation (Iranian nation) whose name is put on this gulf, which is called the Persian Gulf, which has always been the Persian Gulf, and will remain the Persian Gulf forever,” said the president.

“It is a gulf whose littoral provinces on the Iranian coast, from Khuzestan to Sistan-Baluchestan, to Hormozgan, to Bushehr and others, all provinces which lie on the Persian Gulf’s coast, even provinces near the coast like Fars province and other provinces, have protected the border well. They have always resisted and keep resisting foreigners firmly today,” he added.

The president urged Washington to look at history to realize that the name “Persian” is an integral part of this body of water.

“By the name of this gulf and waterway, and by the nation which has been living next to this water way and has protected it, the Americans should get to understand the situation and stop hatching plots against the Iranian nation every day.

He underscored that the Iranian nation and military are working in tandem to protect the Persian Gulf as they have always been.