Peace, friendship Iran’s message to region, Defense Minister

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami siad, Iran’s messge to the region is “peace and friendship”.

In a meeting with Oman’s Assistant SAF Chief of Staff for Operations and Planning, Brigadier Hamad bin Rashid al Balushi and his accompanied defence delegation, General Amir Hatami said, “We have always informed our rediness to make a positive and constructive atmosphere with a sense of trust”.

He praised Oman as one of the best neighbors of Iran in the region, adding that “Bilateral relations between the two countries have been well during past decades in all aspects thanks to religious and historical links and political determination of leaders of two countries”.

Expressing his gladness about Iran-Oman 14th Joint Military Committee, he noted, “These meetings and interactions are important factors in consolidating stability and security of the region”.

Hatami pointed to Iran and Oman cooperation as a successful example in bilateral ties, saying that these relations can be used as a sample for relations of other countries in the region.

The Iranian defense minister said, “We believe that dialogue and cooperation between countries in the region will provide the backgrounds of peace and trust. Our message to the region is peace and friendship”.

Oman’s Assistant SAF Chief of Staff for Operations and Planning, for his turn, insisted on the importance of bilateral development in relations with Iran, saying that the historical relations between the two countries are firm and permanent.