Operation Ajax

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Active ImageAuthor: Donald Newton Wilber
Translator: Abolqasem Rahchamani
Researcher: Sadjad Raii

“Operation Ajax” is title of a book explaining historical issues surrounding the coup d’état staged against the former Iranian Prime Minister Mosaddeq's government on August 19, 1953. The book has been divided in two sections: Translation and Research.

Relevant documents have been categorized according to their relation to coup d’état. Most of those documents were released by CIA in 2000. The first part of the book is a translation of Donald Willber’s “Overthrow of Premier Mossadeq of Iran, November 1952 - August 1953”. This paper was written in March 1954 by Dr. Donald N. Wilber who had played an active role in the operation. The study was written because it seemed desirable to have a record of a major operation prepared while documents were readily at hand and while the memories of the personnel involved in the activity were still fresh.

Documents pertaining to the operation described in this paper are in the Project TPAJAX files which are held by the Iran Branch of the Near East and South Asia Division.
All proper names mentioned in this paper have been checked for accuracy and completeness. A serious effort has been made to supply the first name and middle initial of each individual. The omission of any first names and middle initials indicates that such information could not be located.

The research part of the book focuses on various aspects of coup d’état and discusses the role of Tudeh Party, the press, hooligans, the military, the clergy, public opinion and … in the aforesaid coup.

Active ImageTable of Contents

- Part I

o Chapter 1: Primary plan of Operation Ajax
o Chapter 2: Executive plan of Operation Ajax
o Chapter 3: Ronald Wilbur’s report on August 19, 1953 coup
o Chapter 4: Military plan of the coup
o Chapter 5: Assessment of military operations

- Part II

- Appendixes

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