Ontario Officially Recognizes Norouz

Monday, May 26, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008 was a great day for Iranians in Canada. It was then that the Iranian New Year festivity of Norouz was officially entered into the calendar of the biggest province in Canada.

The bill was ratified with no opposition by the parliament of Ontario. Members of all political parties and their representatives also delivered speeches lauding Norouz as well as the importance of scientific and political presence of Dr. Moridi, an Iranian member of Liberal Party from Richmond Hill who had proposed the bill. All of them noted that they were honored to support Dr. Moridi.

Many years ago, David Kaplan, a parliament member and a present minister at the Liberal government was asked by Iranians to propose a similar bill to the parliament, which was finally rejected. Last year, another MP from Thornhill, proposed another bill, which was not accepted too. Finally, Dr. Moridi presented his bill on April 10.

In this way, we Iranians proved another time that wherever we are, we consider Norouz as one of the most important indexes of our nationality and Iranian identity.

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