Oil Warning Equipment Manufactured by Iranian Researchers

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

An oil spill warning system has been produced for the first time in Iran and the Middle East at Khuzestan Science and Technology Park. If early tests prove successful, the Ministry of Petroleum will start mass production of the new equipment.

The equipment comprises of three floating, sensor and monitor parts and is able to recognize oil slicks as thin as one millimeter and above.

The equipment will be installed beneath oil production platforms at sea and along adjacent rivers, close to offshore drilling rigs, oil onloading and offloading docks as well as lakes formed behind dams to detect any form of oil spill and oil leak in water in the shortest possible time.

The oil leak warning system will not only prevent oil waste, but also notify environmental authorities about oil leak before it leads to fire accidents or contamination of the sea, rivers and dams.

The equipment is easily installed and has been designed in such a way as to be resistant to salty water. It can be installed in salty and fresh water like rivers alike and has been registered by Iranian Registry of Inventions.

A test example of the new equipment has been installed tentatively on Kharg Island and if successful, Ministry of Petroleum will support its mass production.

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