No compromise on Iran's N-program

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Iran will not compromise over its right to acquire civilian nuclear technology but is ready for negotiation, senior Iranian official says.

Sa'id Jalili, deputy foreign minister for European and American affairs expressed Iran's readiness for negotiation as proof of its program being completely transparent and peaceful. Jalili called for the return of Iran's nuclear dossier from the UNSC to the IAEA as the only way to resolve the current standoff over its nuclear activities.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has depicted a bright future for its nuclear cooperation with Iran and "now it is time for them (Western countries) to show their good will," he said.

"As we have stated earlier, the best place for resolving questions surrounding Iran's nuclear activities is the IAEA and within the legal framework stipulated by the NPT,” he noted, adding that other moves will not help settle the issue.

“Iran's peaceful nuclear activities pose no threat to any state. Iran has always sought elimination of weapons of mass destruction and opposed proliferation of nuclear weapons,” the official emphasized in conclusion.

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