New Method to Secure Military Communications

Saturday, May 10, 2008

An Iranian researcher at Computer Engineering and Information Technology Research Center of Amir Kabir University of Technology has come up with a new method for establishment of more secure military communications. The new method will bar the enemy from intercepting military communication.

Ehsan Baqeriyan, who has implemented the project, has noted that since military communications are mostly wireless and temporary (that is, they don’t need infrastructures and are established and dismantled according to the situation), the project has been aimed at providing a way for establishment of secure military communications which would prevent the enemy from intercepting valuable information.

He emphasized that since the radius in which wave travel is limited, most communication nodes cannot connect directly to each other and there should be another route among those nodes through which they could communicate.

Baqeriyan further noted that information exchanged among nodes is divided into two categories: control information and data.

“When two nodes decide to communicate, they first send out control information to find a route for dispatch of data and then they embark on exchanging data through that route,” he said.

The researcher noted that the main goal of the project was to find a method for dispatch of data which would prevent the enemy from identifying the source and destination of that data, identifying communicating nodes and their locations, and discovering the route and content of dispatched messages.

Baqeriyan further said, “Take a battlefield as an example in which contacts between members are established through a wireless network. Assume that a secret operation is to be carried out by reconnaissance teams before a major offensive is launched against the enemy. The network should establish routes between command posts and operational teams. It should be noted that secrecy is of vital importance to nodes whose hide-out should not be discovered by the enemy. Otherwise, the enemy may intercept communications between reconnaissance and support teams and thwart their efforts. This method would also be efficient when the enemy has infiltrated our communication network.”

The university graduate noted that the project will not only bar the enemies from intercepting communications through friendly network, but will not allow access to the contents of dispatched messages because they would be encoded.

He added that his method would be useful at warfronts and for military networks in addition to other instances when security of communications is of high importance.

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