Netanyahu Face to Face with Obama!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dr. Mohammad Ali Mohtadi

Active ImageThe conflicts between the Mideast policies of Barack Obama and those of the Zionist regime are further exposed every day.

While Obama keeps underlining a settlement to the Middle East crisis through formation of an independent Palestinian state and makes a commitment in this respect, the Zionist regime openly states that it would not allow creation of such a state. Tel Aviv says the maximum it can do is to forge an "economic peace" with an aim to improve the living conditions of the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories.

Moreover, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Likud prime minister of Israel stressed during the recent visit of President's Obama's special envoy George Mitchell that the Palestinians, before anything else and before opening any talks must recognize Israel as a "Jewish state".

"Israel as a Jewish state" which was the slogan of former US President George Bush means that there would be no place for non-Jews in the Palestinian land and that they must be expelled from their homes. In other words, more than 1.2 million Palestinians who have lived in Jalil region and have turned into a problem for the Jewish government due to their growing number must once again become homeless.

Moreover, the Muslims and Christians residing in Qods, Nasera and Beit Lahm must be expelled in order for Israel to remain a pure Jewish state.

Obviously this demand is in contradiction with Obama's Palestine plan. But the Israelis explicitly announced this position in the recent meeting between Mitchell and the Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman. In response, Mitchell reiterated that the US administration believed in settlement of the Palestinian issue through creation of an independent Palestinian state.

These differences of views prompted the Zionists to treat Obama's special envoy in a humiliating manner to the extent that Liberman refused to attend Mitchell's press conference and even did not bother to bid farewell to him. The people of the world watched that how Senator Mitchell drove away to Ramallah with a gloomy look and bent back without any Israelis bidding him farewell.

In the meantime, reports from behind the scene indicate that the crisis between the Obama administration and the government of Netanyahu is escalating. According to the protocol, when a new president is elected in the United States the Israeli prime minister would go to visit him. For the same purpose, the White House set a date for Netanyahu to visit Obama. But the former refused to do so announcing that he would meet with Obama next week when he would be visiting Washington at the invitation of AIPAC (the formal Zionist lobby in the US). However, the White House has informed the Israeli prime minister that the US president would not be able to see him at that time!

Even if Obama's two-state plan is accepted by the Zionist regime it could not be implemented because with the continued occupation of the West Bank, expansion of the settlements, erection of walls, and Judaization of Qods there would remain no place and land for creation of a Palestinian state. Such acceptance could only lead to the launch of a new round of prolonged and fruitless negotiations.

Nonetheless, the important issue is the confrontation between the Zionist regime and the US administration which has always been the strongest backer of Israel.

In the past, many pundits said that due to the influence of the Zionist lobby no American head of state would dare stand against Israel. But things seem to have completely changed now because the US due to the huge losses inflicted under George Bush, Dick Cheney and the neocons as well as repeated defeats in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan and acute financial and economic crises has no alternative but pull back from the region to cut down on its expenses and restore tranquility to crisis points.

Furthermore, compared to Bush, Obama enjoys more power and popularity and would not sacrifice the crucial interests of his country for the lunatic positions of Netanyahu and Liberman.

Apparently the American Jews too have realized this reality. The time is gone for Netanyahu to travel to America like he did in the 90s and threaten to "set Washington on fire" when addressing the Zionists there!

In any event, with the return of Senator Mitchell to Washington and his report to Obama, Middle East observers are waiting to see the reaction of the American president. The ball is in Obama's court now!


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