Netanyahu Last Vain Funny Show

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Abdolreza Ghofrani
Former Senior Diplomat and International Analyst

Through the past week and just after the conclusion of latest rounds of talks between Iran's foreign minister Mohammad, Javad Zarif and US secretary of state, John Kerry in Geneva some points have been discussed related to nuclear talks that are worthy to be underscored.

Israel intelligence agency, Mossad, explicitly made it public that in cooperation with the security organization of South Africa had made studies just a few years ago concluding that, by enriching uranium, Iran had never developed nuclear weapons and was not in a stage to do so.

Apart from the real motive and intention of Israel security apparatus of expressing, or in fact making this confession, it, admittedly, implies an irrefutable fact that even an important part of Israeli system has not been able to reject it.

However, it is more important to note that notwithstanding unveiling these facts, there is still a small group in Washington D. C. that in association with Tel Aviv making great hue and cry; as usual they naively voice their baseless claim that Iran's uranium enrichment is for developing nuclear weapons. Undoubtedly these small groups are quite aware of the facts of Iranian enrichment project. However in spite of confessing undeniable facts by security machinery of Israel and some other pertinent organizations, it is not clear as to why this group insisting on their stand that is baseless?

Time and again, upon facts and figures, Iran's nonmilitary nuclear enrichment has been reaffirmed by related international agencies and many analysts and impartial circles have approved it. Last week after his talks with Mohammad Javad Zarif, John Kerry, testifying before the foreign relations committee of Senate, bluntly questioned the judgment of Netanyahu saying that "what Israel prime minister did say was not correct". Actually, up to now the two teams have just been negotiating to iron out a fair and well balanced and comprehensive deal. Everybody knows that it is a vexing and complicated process and up to the June 2015 nobody can foresee what will be the upshot of this long process.

Moreover for the first time, in the latest round of talks, two high ranking nuclear specialists, Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) and Eernest Moniz, US secretary of Energy, were present at these talks just to fully elaborate the technical aspects of this project. Nevertheless everything is depended on the progress and the paces of the talks albeit as well as on the political will of the two parties. Certainly assisting to advance these talks, being conducive to an all-encompassing deal, needs a calm environment that, alas, has been torpedoed by Israel and its few allies in the US Senate. These are the facts that most people do agree with. Nevertheless it is an irony that only one person, or one who claims he is capable of heavenly telling the fortune!! arguing the future deal with Iran is dangerous for so called peace. What kind of peace he has in mind is the only one that he is aware of! Netanyahu has ridiculed everybody although he has made himself of a good anecdote for what he so far has said and done. Because it is a deep source of regret that now overtly he is making policies and directives for US administration which is awesome for a great power such as United States.

Actually he dares to speak for single Americans, which should be taken a humiliated move for US people by a foreign leader and seemingly there is no one stopping him.

The final stage of his show will be his speech in joint session of the congress. It is anybody's guess that whatever he says is void of any valuable and important points and is just the repetition of meaningless claims he has made over the past years, cheating people and distorting the public opinion. Unfortunately he is campaigning for his re- election of course at the cost of American people expenses, though some Israelis mass media and political circles forecast that his conquest in upcoming election is minimal.

Just a few days ago, Israel foreign ministry has taken a comic initiative that is a good subject for political satirists and caricaturists. It seems that it has resorted to funny and unethical approach for distorting and cheating the public opinion inside Israel and abroad. It has proposed that the Oscar award should go to Iran as the best actor. This immature gesture of the regime in Israel indicates the absolute unawareness of Tel Aviv of the important and peaceful role Iran now does play in international arena and serving the peace and stability in the region; particularly, a transparent and crystal clear position and flexibility that Iran has taken in these nuclear talks. Moreover, Israelis rulers certainly are not aware that the Academy Motion Picture Arts in 1929 established this award for the best movie actors, directors, film music composers or … not anybody else. Besides if  a worst nominee is to be awarded (of course not Oscar Award because this award should not be disgraced and its credibility must be preserved ) in the existing international conditions for his crimes, creating tension, waging wars, and terrorist actions, Netanyahu certainly topped the list. He would better to establish a foundation that award the worst nominee for the massacres, terrorism, slaughter of the innocent civilians and occupying others' lands and more important of all stockpiling missiles with nuclear war heads, not signing NPT and having no commitments for abiding by international laws and regulations and ….  . He can make himself a nominee and he must be sure that worst award will go to him and he will be the only winner most qualified for in this foundation.    

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