NIE Report on Iran's Nuclear Program

Monday, December 10, 2007

Former secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council has dismissed the NIE report on Iran's nuclear program as mischievous.

Ali Larijani said that the US Intelligence Estimate (NIE) report on Iran's nuclear program contains various dimensions and components which are not of equal weight from military or intelligence points of view.

"While part of the report speaks of their high confidence, some other passages are little more than speechifying," Larijani said.

The NIE report is based on two things: first, they say they are confident that Iran does not have a program for an atomic bomb; second, they state that since 2003 Iran has not been working on producing a nuclear bomb, Larijani noted, adding that a mischievous intent is all too clear here.

Iran's former top nuclear negotiator went on to say that the Americans have been saying all these years that Iran is trying to make a bomb and now we all know that they have all been wrong.

Larijani also criticized the United States for insisting on keeping Iran's nuclear dossier in the UN Security Council, asking, “What is the ultimate benefit to be expected from this report and what changes will it possibly bring to the behavior of the US administration?”

"I think the logic behind it all is that they are trying to involve other countries in a paradox, saying that under no conditions will they change their behavior. Their stance on Iran's nuclear case is obviously illogical," he remarked.

Larijani characterized the NIE report's contention that Iran halted its weapons-oriented nuclear activities in 2003 as a new accusation with no basis in reality.

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